Learn the Benefits of Ethanol Fireplaces


Did you know that both indoor and outdoor air pollution can be dangerous to your health? These days, air pollution is just one of the many important reasons that a lot of people are growing more interested in adopting green practices for their homes and businesses. The destruction of the environment is a major problem that will make life more difficult for future generations, but there is still time to change our ways.

Thanks to ethanol, you can enjoy all the benefits of a warm fire without harm to the environment. You’ll be happy to learn that ethanol fireplaces from Starfire Direct offer many other benefits as well!

First Things First: What are Ethanol Fireplaces?

An ethanol fireplace is similar to a regular fireplace, but it burns bio-ethanol fuel instead of wood. Bio-ethanol fuels come from natural sources, such as corn, sugar cane, beets, or potatoes. These natural fuel sources burn clean instead of releasing chemical pollutants into the air.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Ethanol?

The most obvious benefit of choosing an ethanol fireplace is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing good for the environment. Not only is ethanol the most green choice because of the lack of air pollution, but it also reduces the amount of trees being cut down for firewood. Trees are crucial for cooling our planet and creating oxygen for us to breathe, and deforestation is therefore a real concern for all of us. If every home or business owner made an effort to go green by switching to ethanol, it would make a big positive change for the planet.

If going green isn’t your main concern, check out some of the other benefits of choosing an ethanol fireplace.

Many Options for Simple Installation

One of the biggest benefits of choosing ethanol is that these fireplaces don’t require a chimney, flue, or fuel line. Depending on how your home or business is set up, you may not be able to install a chimney, and if you were attempting to put in a regular fireplace, this would limit your options.

Ethanol creates no smoke or ash, making it a great option for wall-mounted, freestanding, table-mounted, or outdoor fireplaces. Starfire Direct also carries all of the ethanol fuel you will need to stock up for the winter, making it easy to keep your fireplace going whenever you like.

Ethanol Fireplaces Create Real Heat

Electric fireplaces offer many green benefits, but they often create less heat, making them good for decoration but less ideal for actual heating needs. Ethanol, on the other hand, creates real burning flames that will add complementary heat your home or business and add a touch of comforting ambiance to the atmosphere. This is because without a flue or chimney, all of the heat from the fire enters the room. With traditional fireplaces, a lot of the heat is vented to the outside and wasted.

Starfire Direct: Your Top Source for Ethanol Fireplaces

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of ethanol, contact Starfire Direct today. We have over 15 years of experience working with ethanol and other fireplace varieties, and our friendly staff is ready to answer all of your questions. Please give us a call at (866) 578-8538 or fill out this easy form to reach us online. When you’re snuggled up next to your new ethanol fireplace, you’ll be glad you did!


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