Just a Backyard? Turn Your Yard into a Theme Park Like This


Love visiting theme parks? It isn’t always necessary to leave your backyard just to get that joyful, magical appeal. You can build your own – sure, it won’t be quite as dramatic as what you’ll find in an actual theme park, but it can be every bit as lovely with just a few simple tweaks. Just start with a fire glass pit and build around it following these simple rules.


Start with a Small Train

The central part of your theme park should contain a mini train and train track. The rest of your theme park will travel around the track or around the edge of your property – whichever you prefer. Depending on how much you want to invest, you can choose a train that’s large enough for children to ride or small enough to weave through a garden bed instead.

Work with your property and avoid reworking the landscape unless it’s needed – just go around rocks and other objects instead. Give yourself bonus points if you keep the fire pit in the center.

Add a Swimming Pool or Fountain for Added Flair

Most theme parks have swimming pools and maybe even a hot tub, too. If you have the space, consider installing one in your backyard. Be sure to space it away from your fireplace or outdoor kitchen, especially if it’s above-ground. Then, add a fountain that trickles water into it and enjoy the delightfully relaxing sounds of moving water. Be sure to follow the pool’s user manual during installation, always keeping safety in mind.


Bounce House Bliss

Have kids that sometimes seem to bounce off the walls? Let them release that energy in a safe and fun way. Sturdy bouncy castles now come in semi-permanent inflatable installation options that allow you to erect them in the spring and take them down only when bad weather occurs.

The smaller size is best for smaller yards, while larger, full-size houses will fit only on the biggest expanses and fields. Be sure to anchor the house securely in place and check the ground hooks often to prevent it from accidentally blowing away. For an added twist, install two side-by-side.

Add Spinning Characters

Every great theme park needs a mascot or two. Create flavor and fun by purchasing and installing spinning character decorations. Whether flamingos or Disney characters, these look best if placed in groups in several locations throughout the yard. For Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays, switch your mascots out for holiday-centered characters that carry the joy of the season.

Go Karts or Bumper Cars Make the Grade

What kid (or young-at-heart) doesn’t love the thrill of sailing around a track on a bumper car? If you have plenty of space and a bit of money to invest, consider building your own enclosed raceway. This is an excellent project for parent and children to enjoy together, especially if both are mechanically-inclined. Don’t have a ton of space, or have a need for simplicity and speed? Take a page out of the 1950s and cobble together a soap box car for racing down the lawn instead.

Decorate and Done

You have rides. You have an outdoor barbecue for filling empty stomachs with delicious fair-style food when the day is done. You’ve even installed a beautiful fire pit – all that’s left now is decorating. Install stone walkways with solar lighting to mimic the look of a fair’s bright lights. Butterfly mini-lights and Chinese lanterns make a fun and whimsical addition, as do hanging pendant lamps.

Need help creating the perfect backyard theme park? There’s a world of options available to you. Visit Starfire Direct today and find fantastic items like gas fire pits, fire glass, and other backyard makeover items.


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