Gas Fireplace Logs Add a Rustic Touch to Your Hearth


There are many reasons to choose gas fireplace logs for your home or business. They appear natural and realistic, but they don’t come with the hassle of real logs, such as having to chop or purchase firewood, enduring cold weather to gather firewood, or cleaning up ash when real logs burn down. Gas logs also eliminate dangerous sparks and embers that could potentially present a fire hazard.

Vented vs. Ventless Gas Fireplace Logs

Here at Starfire Direct, we have gas log sets for both ventless and vented fireplaces. There are advantages to either type of fireplace, and no matter which you choose, we have plenty of rustic gas logs for a realistic burn.

The advantages of vented gas logs include:

  • A realistic flame that looks very similar to a wood-burning fire
  • The flame is generally taller than ventless logs can produce
  • They don’t require a CO2 detector
  • They don’t release fumes into the household
  • They create less heat, making them ideal for fireplaces that are more decorative than functional. For example, if you want to put a fireplace in a restaurant or hotel lobby, it will be important to ensure it doesn’t overheat the area and become uncomfortable for your customers

The advantages of ventless gas logs:

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They usually require less gas to burn and are therefore more affordable
  • They create more heat, making them ideal for those who will be using their fireplace as a main heat source rather than a decorative display

Gas Fireplace Logs can add a Rustic Touch

No matter what sort of look you’re trying to create in your home or business, Starfire Direct has the gas logs and accessories you need to complete the job. We carry vented and ventless gas log sets in a huge variety of styles, including the see-through series, classic series, charred series, designer series, and small series. Each of these offer different styles of wood, giving you many options for how your fireplace will look. For the most realistic gas logs, choose from our designer series, which features refractory ceramic gas logs that have been carefully hand-painted to look authentic.

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