Flaming Ceramic Fire Place Skulls

 Designer Antonio Ballatore from HGTV’s from “The Antonio Treatment,” and “Design Star,” announces a new exciting product he designed. Unlike many gas fire places and fire pits, let yours stand out from the crowd with these new Ceramic Fireplace Skulls, available on sale for a limited time for only $299.00. Unlike the real bone inspiration for these items, these skulls are made from a high-fire ceramic that is built to handle high temperatures. Either hook up a contemporary gas burner or simply remove your existing gas-fire logs and replace them with your new acquisition for a great effect that will keep your guests guessing.

Perfect for making your party a memorable one; this product will become one of the talking points and people wonder where you got one and where they can get their own. Due to the high quality product, these skulls can handle a wide variety of temperatures while making them perfect for creating a fashionable buzz with a contemporary new look.

Build up the mystique by placing a skull in your gas firepit and draw that attention you have always been looking for. You can also compliment your skull by choosing from an array of Eco Fire Glass colors and mix it up with a number of white, grey, and black Ceramic Fireplace Skulls; the combinations you can make are endless – make it your way with stylish flames and capture the attention of your friends, family and customers.


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