Fire Pits Options Enhance Outdoor Living


Decks and patios have long been gathering spots for family and friends. Today, the design and use of those outdoor living spaces is changing dramatically. Homeowners are building larger decks and patios, using unique materials and designs to take advantage of the spaces available. Decks are often multi-level, often with different levels dedicated to specific uses. Even homeowners with modest budgets can enjoy their outdoor living environments by focusing on the elements that matter most to them.

Consider an Outdoor Fire Pit

For many homeowners, a key element for their outdoor area will be a fire pit. Fire pits have rapidly become a staple of any outdoor living space, as they are beautiful to look at and provide heat for cool nights. A fire pit outdoor can be matched to virtually any home design, and other outdoor living options can be selected to create a comprehensive space for entertaining and relaxing.

There are fire pit designs available to suit everything from a small deck to a large patio space. Shapes include square, rectangular, round and octagonal, with styles ranging from traditional to ultra-contemporary. And, for homeowners requiring a truly unique unit, custom designs can be constructed. Fire pit manufacturers recognize client demands are rapidly changing, with designs evolving to meet those changing demands.

Portable Fire Pits

Portable fire pit outdoor designs are also popular, as it frees users from always gathering in one space, and allows owners to put the fire pit away when not in use. Portability allows fire pit owners to set up in shady spot for summer, and somewhere in the sun when the days turn colder. Homeowners using a fire pit on a deck may also want to move the unit for maintenance, when necessary

Choose Your Fuel

We offer fire pits in a variety of fuel options. Many people will select a propane fire pit for of its ease of installation, but natural gas units are available. Keep in mind that a gas unit requires a gas line be provided, increasing the expense and difficulty of installation. Propane fire pits are also the best choice for portability. Most propane fire pits use standard tanks that are hidden during use. The small tanks are convenient for homeowners to install and refill.

Make the Space Your Own

A fire pit outdoor is a great place for gatherings, and with accessories like a fire pit table they lend themselves to entertaining guests, even during cooler weather. Adding seating options, outdoor cooking appliances and patio heaters all help to extend the outdoor living season, and make your fire pit outdoor a more comfortable space for you and your loved ones.

Pergolas and gazebos both work to keep everyone comfortable even when the weather is not cooperative. The specialists at companies like Starfire Direct know that each client is unique, and work with them to select the options needed to make their outdoor living experiences enjoyable.


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