Fire Glass Fireplaces to Complement Your Décor


If you’re preparing for guests by setting up a number of beautiful décor items around your home and garden, you might want to consider adding fire glass fireplaces from Starfire Direct into the mix. Not only does fire glass provide the perfect addition to your décor, but it’s also completely safe, affordable, and good for the environment.

What are Fire Glass Fireplaces?

Fire glass comes in small chunks that can be piled and scattered around the burners or jets in your fireplace. Unlike traditional wood or artificial logs, it reflects the light of the flame, creating a visual effect that is comforting and beautiful to behold. It will never burn out, melt, or turn black, so it will not need to be replaced, even after burning a fire for an extended time.

How Can Fire Glass be Used?

Fire glass should not be used in a wood-burning fireplace because it would be nearly impossible to remove the ashes without also shoveling out pieces of glass. Plus, the ashes would quickly make the glass less visible. For this reason, fire glass fireplaces are always fueled by natural gas or propane. Aside from fireplaces, you can also use fire glass for portable fire lanterns and tables, centerpiece décor, and even aquariums. It’s a versatile material that adds color and light to any area of your home.


Many Varieties to Choose From

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and themes for your décor, and fire glass shouldn’t be any different. Here at Starfire Direct, we carry more than 11 styles of fire glass, all of which come in beautiful colors that are fit for entertaining. We even have a sample pack that will allow you to test out different varieties to see what works best for your theme. Our reflective fire glass, zircon fire glass, and diamond nuggets work well with a variety of colors.

Mix Colors and Styles to Create a Unique Effect

Our various styles of fire glass can be mixed together to create an intense visual effect. Try mixing two varieties to create a shimmering pattern or mix a handful of colors for a sparkling rainbow of light. With this many possibilities to choose from, what you do with your fire glass fireplaces is only limited by the boundaries of your own creativity.

Starfire Direct: Your Top Source for Affordable Fire Glass Fireplaces

Starfire Direct has a huge selection of both fire glass and fireplaces, and if you have questions about either, we hope you’ll contact us! With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we are more than ready to address any of your concerns. Please give us a call at (866) 578-8538, or reach us online by filling out this form. We can’t wait to help you spice up your décor with our high-quality fire glass.



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