Finding the Right Location for Your Agio Fire Pit

 Outside fire pits are the most requested design feature in landscaping today, as reported by the American Society of Landscape Architects. It’s easy to see why this is the case as a quality fire pit adds a nice decorative touch to any area, the pit helps to extend the outdoor living season, and the cost is less than one might think. Whether one chooses to make use of a propane fire pit, once connected to the home’s propane supply, or a portable fire pit making use of wood, the location of the fire pit is of importance. What should you consider before having a fire pit installed?

The Right Space

First and foremost, you must choose a large open space for outside fire pits to ensure flames and sparks can’t reach any combustible materials. In addition, the area must be level and exposure to wind needs to be factored in. Consider other architectural and landscape features that you may wish to highlight and enjoy when making use of the fire pit. Many choose to place the pit near social areas of the yard to enjoy it even more, but local building codes may limit choices. Be sure to check the laws and codes in your area before making a permanent fire pit installation.

In addition, you must determine the size of the pit to be installed. Once this has been decided, you can make a paper model of the fire pit and consider seating arrangements around the pit, or any other architectural features you would like to place in nearby areas. When making these decisions, try and think about how a group of guests will feel in the space. You may wish to have seats that can be moved so some can sit closer to outside fire pits while others can sit far away. Others find they prefer built-in seating, but this can lead to some guests feeling more of the heat than others, sometimes uncomfortably so!

Find the Right Fire Pit

Once you have a better idea of where you will place the fire pit and how you will arrange seating, you are ready to choose from our outside fire pits. Many decide to go with an Agio fire pit for the affordability and handsome styling. An Agio fire pit is sure to add a sweet touch to any outdoor living area. When choosing your pit, be sure to consider features and accessories that you might like. You may wish to have a pit that is fire glass compatible, or one that comes with seating included. No matter which model you ultimately choose, your Agio fire pit will be a beautiful addition to your yard.


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