Entertain In a Winter Wonderland With Outdoor Heat Lamps


Maybe you love outdoor entertaining, or perhaps you run a business that needs to thrive in the cold winter months. Efficient outdoor heat lamps are your solution! Not only do they provide warmth for you and your guests, but they also come in many stylish designs that can work with a variety of outdoor decorating themes.

The Pub Table Deluxe: Delicate Beauty

This table-top outdoor heater is energy efficient and can produce up to 1500 watts of heat, making a back patio or deck comfortable even in the dead of winter. Compared to some other outdoor heat lamps, the Pub Table Deluxe has a more delicate structure, making it ideal for winter décor with a lighthearted and feminine twist.

Ember Patio Heater in Copper: Rustic Design

If your idea of a winter wonderland involves a log cabin and a hot mug of cider, you’ll love the rustic look of the Ember Patio Heater in copper. This heater doesn’t take up much space, but its spiraling flame and Borosilicate glass tube amplify heat output. It also has adjustable settings, allowing you and your guests to stay comfortable as the temperature fluctuates. Shatter-resistant glass, safety grill, and a emergency shut-off valve ensure that these lamps are safe around children and pets.

If you’re looking for rustic yet sophisticated outdoor décor to go with these outdoor heat lamps. For the ultimate rustic holiday feel, decorate a few miniature pine trees and center them around the areas your guests will be enjoying.

Wall-E Infrared Heater: Modern Sleekness

These handy little outdoor heat lamps use infrared technology. They are made from sturdy aluminum and stainless steel, making it perfect for locations with harsh winters. Not only do they safely output up to 1500 watts of heat, but they also provide two LED lights that can be switched off separately from the heater. This gives you a lot of options for both heat and creating ambiance in your entertaining area. 

The Wall-E heater has a sleek appearance and doesn’t take up much space, making it perfect for winter décor with a modern twist. For an extra special twist, consider one of our fire pits filled with sparkling fire glass.

Starfire Direct: A Huge Selection of Outdoor Heat Lamps

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