Enhance Outdoor Living Space With An Agio Fire Pit


The popularity of outdoor entertaining areas is spreading like wildfire. Backyards that were once largely ignored are being transformed into gorgeous and relaxing extensions of the home and outdoor kitchens able to put their designer indoor counterparts to shame. While pools, spas, grills and smokers are integral components of such spaces, fire pits are also becoming a must-have. The ever-growing number of people choosing to add a quality fire pit to their home’s exterior have an equally expanding selection of models from which to choose.

Offering a style to blend perfectly with any decor theme, the Agio brand is emerging as a leader in the industry. The Italian word for leisure, Agio is truly a reflection of the element this line brings to its owners. Those who prefer the soothing crackle of a traditional fire may be interested in the classic wrought iron simplicity of a wood burning Agio fire pit. Also the least expensive of the available models, this basic choice will add a wonderful touch of elegance and warmth.

Although many remain true to the wood burning variety, numerous homeowners are trending toward the more convenient gas burning options. Fueled in the same manner as a gas grill, a propane fire pit operates using a tank hidden discreetly behind the pit’s decorative exterior. The Agio Vista model holds a rustic beauty in its sling fabric siding, enhanced by a subtle cast aluminum design overlay. Drop in porcelain tiles bearing a stone veneer surround the emerging flames.

Another in the Agio fire pit line is the Masterpiece fire pit. Atop its charming aluminum base sits ornately designed stained glass backed by the strength of triple paned composition. A Lazy Susan is available to provide an additional feature when the fire ring is not in use, creating greater functionality while entertaining guests. Once the afternoon sunlight begins to fade, and the time for refreshments draws to a close, simply remove this accessory to enjoy the allure of the fire.

These are only two of the options in the Agio fire pit selection, and Starfire Direct offers the full line in stock and ready to ship. Fire glass compatible, all gas burning models can be accented by one of the many sizes and colors of fire glass available. These smooth, beautifully tinted glass pieces enhance the glow of the fire and intensify heat emission. Complemented by comfortable and stylish patio furniture also designed by Agio, a portable fire pit can help create a unique outdoor space perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a romantic rendezvous under the stars.


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