Embracing the Winds of Change: Kim Woody of Starfire Direct

Change can be a scary thing. Be it good or bad, stepping out of your comfort zone can take a lot out of a person. When the winds of change come blowing at your door, you have a choice. You can either shy away from it and resist it, or you can embrace it and go with the flow. For Kim Woody, a talented member of Starfire Direct's Sales Team, change is simply the spice of life.

Kim has been with Starfire Direct for about six of the company's eleven years. When she joined the fledgling ecommerce company in 2012, "Starfire Direct was a small team of five in a tiny warehouse in Murrieta [California]. It was a fraction of the size it is now," Kim remembers. At her start with SD, the then five employees wore many hats. She was involved in all aspects of the company and learned a great deal about manufacturing, shipping, marketing, and web production, to name a few. Along the way, this "small but mighty" company began to grow.

"We received more and more calls and emails every day," Kim adds, "It was easy to see the momentum of moving towards being a multi-million dollar company."

Kim's cheerful nature and optimism has made an unforgettable impact on the Starfire Direct office.

It has been six years since Kim joined the Starfire family, and she is still going strong as an integral part of the Sales Team. Because of her work with the other departments in Starfire's early years, Kim has a unique perspective on how the company functions as a whole, as well as its many moving parts. Kim enjoys helping and inspiring her customers to make their space a reflection of themselves, no matter the project.

"I've always strived to make my home cozy, inviting, and be a true representation of my style," Kim continues, "I love that I can help others do the same for their home, restaurant, or resort."

In her time with the company, Kim has become a go-to source of information for anything fire pit or fireplace related and has been one of the elite few at Starfire Direct to earn her NFI Certification. She has also provided an amazingly positive presence to the office. "She is always one to come in and liven up the space with her cheerful and happy demeanor," adds Jeri, another member of the SD team.

Left: Cutie pie pup Chico cheesin with his mom and dad. Middle: Kim and her hubby proudly display the sold sign for their new Northern California home. Right: Chief and Chopper show off their modeling chops.

In May of this year, Kim and her little family embarked on an incredible new adventure. She, her husband, and her three adorable pups, Chopper, Chico, and Chief, picked up and moved across the state. "My husband and I recently bought a new home in Northern California, over 500 miles from where we used to live," Kim explains. For a girl who has never lived more than an hour from the house she grew up in, this change is a big one. However, Kim was unphased.

"I love to try new things and take advantage of new experiences..." reveals Kim, "I also love this company- I love the people and the work I get to do. Luckily, I was able to set up a remote office in my home to continue in the same role. I am able to still work closely with the rest of the Sales Team and help my customers just as well as before."

Kim's ideal Saturday would include a hike or a lazy day by the river with her family.

These days, outdoor-lover Kim is enjoying life in beautiful Grass Valley, California. She jumps at the chance for a weekend getaway or camping trip with her family and friends. Northern California provides the ultimate backdrop for Kim to pursue her favorite hobbies: hiking and camping, or a lazy day by the river with her husband and her dogs. She also loves to travel. The favorite destination of this adventure-seeker? "Costa Rica. The beaches, the jungle, the weather, and the people couldn't be better," she jokingly adds, "I'm hoping to set up a Starfire Direct South office there one day."

If you want this talented interior/exterior designer's eye for your space, or need her help for your special project, feel free to give us a call at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or chat us live on the site. Kim and the rest of our dedicated sales team are ready to help you redesign your space and reignite your life.

Check out Kim explaining our Starfire Direct Fire Glass Calculator!

Main Image: Kim enjoys Costa Rica, one of her favorite vacation spots.


Katrina McBreen