Create an Outdoor Room with a Pergola

Considering expanding your entertaining space but uncertain what to do or how you’ll afford it? There’s a surprising solution that doesn’t involve sheet rock or drywall: an outdoor, open “room” made possible by a pergola.

If you’ve watched a DIY home improvement show in the last decade, you may have noticed a trend toward creating experiences rather than just rooms—particularly with regard to outdoor entertaining. From weatherproof TVs and furniture to top-of-the-line fire pits and outdoor bars, the modern world of home design is full of great spaces that center around the convenient cover and unique aesthetic of the pergola.


Planning for Your Pergola

Before you start your project, it’s important to make sure you have all the proper permits and are apprised of all local laws regarding how far back from the property line your pergola must be set (usually at least 4 feet).1 Always get your ducks in a row before starting any home addition.

If you’re the handy type, you may choose to design and build your own pergola. In this case, you have complete control over the size of your outdoor room and can build your pergola to fit your desires. For those who don’t fancy themselves carpenters, however, it may be better to find the right pergola before laying any sort of concrete or pavers.

Once you’ve found the style and size of pergola you’d like to install, you can really have fun with the planning! Consider where you’d like to place it, what kind of flooring (if any) you’d like to have, whether you’ll need any sources of electricity, etc.

Think about the kinds of things you’d like to place beneath your pergola, as well as how you might arrange them. The more planning you do at this stage, the happier you’re likely to be with the final result.

Fill Your Outdoor Room with Functional Décor

Once the pergola and any flooring are finally installed, it’s time to furnish your new space! Make it a backyard man-cave with an outdoor HDTV, gas grill, and mini-fridge. Or, keep it classy, with a wrought iron dining set, elegant outdoor rugs, and a cozy fire bowl.

Regardless of your new outdoor room’s theme, potted and hanging plants make for perfect accents, tying the modern comforts of your pergola space with the beauty of the nature around you. Plus, cleverly-designed rock speakers blend in perfectly with the natural decor to create a surround sound experience that leaves guests wondering how it’s done!

Starfire Direct Offers the Best in Outdoor Living

With gorgeous, expertly-crafted pergolas in a variety of styles, Starfire Direct has everything you need to create your ideal backyard getaway. Add to a rustic country home with a lodge-style Douglas Fir pergola, or take your home to Tuscany with a vineyard-inspired design in Ponderosa Pine. Then, fill your new space with a selection of Starfire Direct’s high-quality fire pits, lanterns, fire glass, BBQ accessories, outdoor furniture, and much more.

To learn more about our products or discuss the finer points of pergolas with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff, call us today at (866) 578-8538!




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