Brighten Things Up With Fire Glass

Fire holds a special fascination for many people. Long after we developed the technology to heat our homes in cleaner and more convenient ways, families continued to seek out fireplaces as a major feature for their ideal homes. Once technologies came along that allowed for burning cleaner and more convenient fuels, like propane and natural gas, even more families started to add a place for fire to their homes and outdoor living spaces. Whether you already have one, or you’re just getting one set up, you should look at fireplace glass as a great way of maximizing both the efficiency and the look.

Beautiful In Any Space

You can add a really striking element to any fire using fireplace glass. Most gas-burning setups have something laid out to indicate the area where the fire burns and to add a decorate touch. Many people choose to use a fake log to make it look like a wood-burning fire, or volcanic rocks for an even more rustic touch. When you choose glass, though, you get an effect that is both more modern and more beautiful. The facets of each piece catch and scatter the light, so that you get something even more enthralling than the flickering of the flames themselves.
You can match your selections up with the decorating scheme of virtually any room. Starfire Direct sells fireplace glass in a variety of colors and sizes. Whether you’re interested in an exceptionally bright red, or a more subdued onyx, you can get something that will go well with the color scheme of its surroundings. They also offer a variety of options for how big each piece should be, so that you end up with something that looks right in proportion to space in which you intend to lay it out.

Improved Efficiency

The look of fire on glass is very striking because of the way the light moves through the shards and jumps out at different angles through the facets. What you can’t see so easily is that the pieces are gathering up heat as well. This is why it’s important to use only tempered fire glass, because ordinary glass might pop, crack, or otherwise react dangerously to high levels of heat. When you have the right kind of fireplace glass, though, it simply grabs onto some of the heat and then releases it again. This smooths out the way that the temperature moves through the room and makes your fireplace more efficient at helping you to feel warm and cozy.

Shopping Is Easy

While you might be a little overwhelmed at first by how many fireplace glass options Starfire Direct has gone to the trouble of offering, it makes it a lot easier to be sure that you’ll ultimately find something that’s perfect for your particular space and style. They’ll even be happy to send you some packets of free samples, so that you can get a real look at what you’d be buying and how some different colors and styles look. This makes it much simpler to decide which one is going to be the right choice.


Starfire Direct

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