A Guide to Fire Pit Materials: Concrete, Copper, Steel, and Tile

Fire pits make fantastic focal points no matter what time of day it is. Cast hints of the fire pit’s silhouette with a toasty flame or simply allow its unlit stature to shine on its own. But did you know that they can be constructed from a wide variety of materials? From the binding properties of composites and ceramics to the malleability of metals, let's take a look at how the different properties of these elements can add a unique flair to any given space.


Concrete and cement, which are known for their binding properties, can sometimes go unnoticed. Yet, you’d be surprised by how these seemingly monotonous everyday objects are making headway as the upcoming new trend in industrial and contemporary styles. With an emphasis on architectural influences, the neutral tones and natural blemishes are balanced with sleek lines for a simplistic, polished appeal.

Starfire Designs Metro Square Fire Pit in BoneMetro Square Fire Pit in Bone by Starfire Designs

The sleek frame of the Metro Square Fire Pit by Starfire Designs is constructed of recycled natural materials and features a concrete protective coating. Lightweight, yet incredibly strong, the fluid concrete technology makes this fire feature resistant to water, scratches, and stains. Whether indulging in small bites or sharing a vintage red, rest assured the surface can withstand wine, vinegar, oil, and even ketchup! Even when this fire feature is not in use, the durable material is impervious to UV rays and won't fade. With little need for maintenance, the Metro Fire Pit retains its beautiful natural finish even with prolonged use and gives your outdoor space a modern look.

Brown Jordan Equinox Fire PitEquinox Fire Pit by Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan Fire's Equinox Fire Pit is another fantastic piece of art that proves concrete makes a wonderful centerpiece. The rectangular body features a spacious tabletop perfect for sharing your favorite charcuterie board or enjoying refreshing beverages with friends and family. Like the Metro Fire Pit, this fire feature is also made of fluid concrete technology. It undergoes a unique curing process and provides the fire feature with a protective barrier that acts as a safeguard against stains and harmful UV rays. Watch the burner light up a blazing flame while the included lava rocks add a splendor of texture against the concrete frame.

If you fancy the industrial or minimalist aesthetic, then embrace concrete or cement in its raw state. Fire pits constructed from this composite material ensures you a long-lasting investment that is resilient to environmental conditions. But don’t let the bare bones of this element fool you. The neutral tones put the focus on the bright orange and yellow flames without compromising the integrity of the design.


Copper, a non-ferrous metal known for its malleability and reddish-brown tones, make it a fine addition for any outdoor space. While susceptible to high pressure, this ductile material won't break even when stretched thin.

Machine Hammered Copper by Starfire Designs
Machine Hammered Copper by Starfire Designs

One of our favorites is the 48" Copper Creek Rectangular Fire Pit. This high-quality piece of work features a machine hammered shell. The uniform marks give it a beautifully textured surface and detailed design. The light bronze patina is a very versatile color that can conform to any style setting. Perfectly fitting for any glam backdrop, the wax sealant coating keeps the gorgeous metallic shade continuously shining for that eye-catching appeal.

Starfire Designs Copa Moreno Fire PitCopa Moreno Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

You’ll also notice that our 54" Copa Moreno Copper Fire Pit is also constructed from high quality copper. Each copper sheet is individually cut, and hand hammered by a professional coppersmith. The hand hammering process produces a distressed appearance complemented by a deep, rich bronze patina. The round profile and textured body put the focus on the fire glass by day and highlights the flames by night.

But don’t be deceived by looks, Copper is proof that a material can be both the beauty and the brawns. While praised for its attractive metallic luster, its corrosion resistant properties make it ideal for any outdoor room.


"Steel" the night away with the strength and durable characteristics of this ferrous metal that is an all-time favorite for commercial and residential applications. Stainless steel, carbon steel, and Corten steel are one of the many different grades (just to name a few) that are flexible enough to take your outdoor room anywhere from modern to rustic.

Starfire Designs Edge Fire PitEdge Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

Sleek in frame and design, the 40" Edge Fire Pit is fully fabricated from 304 stainless steel. This ensures a rust and corrosion resistant surface, built to last. Couple the non-directional satin gray finish with the vibrancy of fire glass for a stunning, modern flair. Like they say, “opposites attract”. So if you’re fond of all things simple and classy, the Edge Fire Pit—with its clean lines and contemporary style—is the epitome of elegance.

Bentintoshape 38 Inch Square Cor-Ten Steel Fire Pit38" Square Corten Steel Fire Pit by Bentintoshape

Don't let a little rust dull your shine. Like a bottle of fine wine, Corten steel is specifically fashioned to age over time. It develops an outer layer of patina that rusts and oxidizes when exposed to the outdoor elements. From rich mahogany to deep amber tones, the varying reddish-orange and brown shades gives it a weathered look. If you appreciate the organic ruggedness unique to the rustic charm, then perhaps Bentintoshape's line of corten steel fire pits would make a striking addition to your living space. Clean cut lines balanced by the natural color-changing process of the patina takes it from an ordinary fire pit to a splendidly crafted work of art.

The many facets of steel stretches from high grade stainless steel to the ever-adapting weathering steel. Versatile enough to be molded into any styled living space, this material knows no boundaries.


Keep it classic and traditional with a granite or tile tabletop fire pit. The mottled specks natural to igneous rock composites give granite its name. Whereas tile, which is typically made from clay or porcelain, offers an abundance of patterns to match your existing décor.

Firetainment Cecila Granite TopSantiago Fire Table with Santa Cecilia Granite Top by Firetainment

Dress up your entertainment space with the elegance of a granite fire table. Firetainments's Santiago Fire Table with Santa Cecilia Granite Top makes keeping it classy a breeze. The polished top’s granular texture is a hodge podge of different minerals that give it a beautiful crystalline appearance. The tiny flecks add a hint of glimmer and look incredible against a glowing fire. And the other neat thing about granite? No two rocks are alike, so you practically have a one-of-a-kind item. Nerdiness aside, the polished marble is incredibly easy to maintain and is also resistant to stains and oils. Try to scratch the surface layer but marble will always shine.

Agio Heritage Fire PitHeritage Fire Pit by Agio

Dine fireside with Agio's line of fire pit tables offering a spacious tabletop. My personal favorite is the Agio Heritage Gas Fire Pit. The square base features an aluminum powder coated hex sling frame, complemented by an eight paneled faux oak tile top for a timeless finish. The composite blend ensures its color will never fade even when exposed to sunlight. Even dirt, scratches, and stains are no match against tile.

There are a variety of materials, each distinct from one another, that can be used to make fire pits. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and reflective piece or a durable and modern structure for your entertainment space, these materials prove there’s a fire pit for every environment. For more ways to effortlessly style your home or business, contact one of our informative team members at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or our website’s live chat.

Main Image: Copper Creek Fire Pit by Starfire Designs


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