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What's Included

  • 10 lbs of Volcanic Lava Rock in Selected Size


ManufacturerStarfire Designs
Diameter Small: 1-2", Medium: 3-5", Large: 4-8"
Weight 10 lbs
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Made In USA
Warranty 1 Year Limited
location Outdoor
Material Volcanic Lava Rock
Arm Height
Seat Back
Seat width
Seat depth
Seat height
Cutout Width
Cutout length
Cutout depth
Cutout height
Heat Output
Fire Glass Capacity
Height Type
Fireplace Type
Vent Type
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Number of Door
Number of drawers
Main Grilling Area
Secondary Grilling Area
Overall Grilling Area
Number of Main Burners
Grill Configuration
Infrared Burner
Side Burner Type
color Black
Extra Features
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Wood Type
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Add classic Volcanic Lava Rock (10 lbs) to your outdoor fire pit or fire table to bring natural texture and movement to your entertaining space. This lava rock is a light but very durable media that is perfect for outdoor fire features because of its ability to withstand high temperatures. Providing a traditional look to any space, this media provides a relaxed ambiance for gathering around the fire.

Because of the minimal processing, this volcanic lava rock is porous and much rougher than it's Rolled Lava Rock brother. This also makes it versatile in design, and more affordable than other types of fire media, such as fire glass. In addition to being a standalone media, this lava rock can also be used as filler. Simply fill most of your fire feature with lava rock and add fire glass or river rock on top for a fancy, elegant look without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. One of the biggest benefits of adding lava rock to your fire feature is cost, since this is a very affordable media to use.

Although the Rock is black when burning in the fire, it does gives off a beautiful red hue. This in turn also gives your flame a brilliant yellow flame due to the extra oxygen provided by the rocks.

Unsure on how much lava rock to order? Our helpful Fire Glass Calculator can actually be used to help you get the right amount. Input the dimensions requested, but instead of ordering the fire glass quantity result, cut the number in half. So, if the calculator tells you that you need 80 lbs of fire glass, you only need to order 40 lbs of volcanic lava rock. And when in doubt, it's best to round up! Better to have too much lava rock instead of not enough.

Please Note: This lava rock is not meant for use in saunas.


  • Sold in 10 lb Quantities
  • Made of Natural Lava Rock
  • Features Organic Raw Shape and Texture
  • Small Model Dimensions: 1" - 2" Dia.
  • Medium Model Dimensions: 3" - 5" Dia.
  • Large Model Dimensions: 4" - 8" Dia.

Dimensions & Details

  • Diameter: Small: 1-2", Medium: 3-5", Large: 4-8"
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Material: Volcanic Lava Rock

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Starfire Designs Outdoor Volcanic Lava Rock (10 lbs)

Regular price $24.95 MSRP
This item may be available for purchase with a backorder ship date. Please call us at (866) 578-8538 for more information.
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