Echelon E1060s Portable Grill - Digital Thermometer / Power Burner
Fire Magic | E1060s-4E1N-51

Echelon E1060s Portable Grill - Digital Thermometer / Power Burner

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The E1060s Grill features Cast Stainless Steel "E" Burners, Power Burner, ANSI Certification, 1,056 Sq. In. of space, 112K BTUs of heat, & a backburner.

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The Echelon Diamond E1060s Portable Grill with Power Burner is a one of a kind, durable grill designed to make grilling easy and enjoyable during every outdoor gathering. Featuring a large cooking surface of 1,056 Sq. Inches and boasting 112,000 BTUs, this grill is ideal for the aspiring grill master as well as the seasoned cook. The Cast Stainless Steel "E" Burners make grilling a unique experience, providing an even heat throughout the grill for more evenly cooked meats, while Interior Halogen Lights make it easy to grill any time of the day or night. Each Fire Magic grill is ANSI Certified, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best! This Echelon Diamond Grill comes with a Power Burner in addition to the main cooking surface, which provides additional grilling space when needed, and can be easily covered for more countertop space.

Upgrade one of your burners to an Infrared Burners to increase the BTU output of your grill, ensuring a more powerful heat that will keep the juicy flavors of the meat locked inside, creating an even better flavor and texture for you and your guests to enjoy. A Rotisserie Backburner is included in your grill, and(more...)

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