Barbecuing is more than an alternative way to cook your food; it’s a way of life. Any barbecue enthusiast can tell you that not all grills are the same, and that plenty of love and attention goes into each meal they create. You can’t just throw your ribs on the grill and let them go; there’s a dance to it.

When making a masterpiece, it’s all about utilizing the right equipment—and the same goes for grilling. Whether you prefer an electric, gas or charcoal model, you should make sure to have all of the essential tools at your disposal. For instance, don’t split up your workload between the steps you can get done on your patio and the preparation that requires a stovetop. Complete your grilling station today with a side burner from Starfire Direct. For a brief overview of the types of side burners we offer, keep reading.

Power Burner

At Starfire Direct we have a large variety of side burners, one type being the power burner. Power burners are perfect for accommodating the use of saute pans and cooking pots, allowing you to cook large amounts of food at once. Have a wok on hand? Pair those chicken breasts you’re firing up with a vegetable stir fry—without leaving your patio. Also, because you’ll be able to utilize very high temperatures, you can even use your grill side burner to deep fry a turkey. No food is out of your reach.

Searing Station

Another way to add versatility to your meal is to invest in one of our gas grill side burner searing stations. When you see food as an art, or you just want to get your money’s worth out of the premium cut that you picked up at the store, you never want to risk overcooking. While the assortment of searing stations that we offer at Starfire Direct differ in power, the overall purpose is the same: by flash-cooking you choice of meats, you can effectively lock in the juices and bring your taste buds the ultimate flavor.

Double Burner

Just because you’re grilling for a backyard blowout doesn’t mean that your food has to be one-dimensional. With a bbq side burner from Starfire Direct, you’ll finally have all of the components you need in order to wow your guests with a restaurant quality meal. While our single burner options get the job done, we’ve made sure to go the extra mile for those who want to take their meal to extra heights. Invest in one of our double burner units if you know you enjoy preparing a multi-course meals, and relish the peace of mind you’ll have, knowing that you’ll be able to keep all varying temperatures under control.

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No matter where your interests lie—whether you’re looking for a stainless steel searing unit or a cast brass addition with a porcelain cast iron grid—Starfire Direct has all of your grilling needs covered, from the grills themselves to the components and accessories that will make your home grilling station complete. For any questions regarding a Starfire Direct side burner, call us today at 866-578-8538!