Fire Magic Gas Grills are measured differently than most other gas grills. They measure the size of the grill by the cooking surface of the grill, and not end to end grill. Other brands that may be considered a 36" grill will be smaller than a Fire Magic 36" Grill. Listed below are the cooking area sizes for each style. Each "style" listed below is a code. "E" stands for Echelon and the "A" stands for Aurora, and the number following is the square inches of cooking area of the grill.



15 hamburgers
432 sq. inches 
24" x 18" cooking grid


20 hamburgers
528 sq. inches
24" x 22" cooking grid


18 hamburgers
540 sq. inches
30" x 18" cooking grid

A660 (Most Popular)

24 hamburgers
660 sq. inches
30" x 22" cooking grid


28 hamburgers
792 sq. inches 
36" x 22" cooking grid


24 hamburgers
660 sq. inches
30" x 22" cooking grid


29 hamburgers
790 sq. inches

36" x 22" cooking grid


36 hamburgers
1056 sq. inches
48" x 22" cooking grid


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