For many fire features, the use of an electronic ignition system is incredibly convenient. The Starfire Designs AWEIS is available in three capacities, so how do you know which one you need? The key is the size of your fuel hose, so you'll want to measure the diameter of your fuel line before making a decision on capacity. The larger the hose, the higher capacity you can go.

The Standard Capacity is the most popular because it's the perfect balance between gas use and heat output. The Standard AWEIS provides 290k BTUs of heat, and uses a 1/2" inlet and outlet.

The High Capacity model is great when you have more gas flowing through your fuel line, and are looking for a bigger flame. The HC AWEIS provides 512k BTUs of heat, and uses a 3/4" inlet and outlet.

The Mini Capacity is popular when limited on space, as it is exceptionally low profile. This AWEIS provides 125k BTUs of heat, and uses a 3/8" inlet and 1/2" outlet.


Emily Lozano

A Starfire Direct employee since 2016, Emily supervises the team responsible for the products on the website. When not working, she enjoys mountain biking and spending time curled up with a good book.