Which burner configuration should I choose?

When it comes to Fire Magic and American Outdoor Grills, you may be presented with two options on your burner configuration. The first variation of burners is all cast stainless steel burners and the second is one infrared burner with the remaining cast stainless steel burners. Each variation has its own benefits, as explained below.

All Cast Stainless Steel (Most Popular): The advantage of all cast stainless steel burners is that the burners themselves will never rust, and can't be damaged by grease or cooking utensils. You will be able to enjoy a classic flavor, as well.

One Infrared with Remaining Cast Stainless Steel: The advantage of having one infrared burner with your cast stainless steel burners is that you enjoy the benefits of all cast stainless steel burners, but you also get a little of the quicker cook time, better searing, and improved flavor locking that infrared burners provide.


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