There are fifteen Porcelain Table Top options on certain OW Lee fire tables, including models in the Santorini, Vulsini, Casual Fireside and Classico collections. There are three levels of tile to choose from: Standard, Upgrade, Premium, and Clearance. The Standard Options will not increase the cost of your fire table. The Upgrade and Premium Options will be an additional cost depending on the size of your table. Price increases can be viewed by clicking the drop down menu called Table Top Tile Color on your product page. On a budget? OW Lee also has fire table models with a Clearance Tile option. See all swatches below.  

Tile Choices and Levels

  • Standard Series Tiles: Roma II, Azul Slate, Rustic Slate 

 AzulSlateOWLee RusticSlateOWLee

  • Upgrade Series Tiles: Oxyde Dark, Oxyde Rust, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, Venice Beach, Urban Effect and Urban Tempo

 OxydeDarkOWLee OxydeRustOWLee MyrtleBeachOWLee AtlanticCityOWLee VeniceBeachOWLee UrbanEffectOWLee UrbanTempoOWLee

  • Premium Series Tiles: Metallic Brown, Buckskin, Silver Oak, Marina

MetallicBrownOWLee Buckskin OWLee SilverOakOWLee MarinaOWLee  

  • Clearance: Sahara


Adam Butt