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Which fire glass should I pick?

Available in different colors styles, this special glass creates a stunning visual display in gas fire pits and fireplaces as it radiates underneath a glowing flame or simply underneath natural sunlight.

With various hues to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your living space. Non-reflective fire glass is ideal for adding a subtle pop of color. Reflective fire glass does the same, plus the added bonus of a gleaming effect. Depending on the shape, reflective fire glass either has a mirrored finish on one side or is dipped in a reflective coating, as seen with fire diamonds, drops, and beads. Each piece reflects light which makes them sparkle and shine more than the standard non-reflective fire glass.

Should I choose fire glass or logs for my electric fireplace?
When it comes to deciding between fire glass or more traditional logs for your electric fireplace, the answer really comes down to preference. Fire Glass will give your fireplace a beautifully modern, clean, and sparkling look. Realistic flames will dance and reflect off glass in a way that will sometimes even add depth to your electric fireplace. Realistic looking wood logs will give your electric fireplace a more traditional look. Some people prefer the feel of a fire glowing over natural looking wood. Consider your space and existing decor in your final decision.

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