A fireback, also called a fire back or--for Real Fyre, a "Fyreback"--can do wonders for your hearth. It provides a beautiful, reflective background to give the illusion of depth and a fuller fire. It can also protect the internal walls of your fireplace. Real Fyre's collection of Fyrebacks come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. These Fyrebacks come in 3 separate interlocking pieces--regardless of style or size. These pieces fit together and sit behind your burner and in front of the back wall of your hearth. Please see below for a helpful sizing guide.


Katrina McBreen

Katrina is happy to be part of the Ecommerce team at Starfire Direct, responsible for putting gorgeous products on the website, and maintaining their listings. She is an entertainer by nature, and a lover of all things theatre, film, and music.