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Throughout 2018, there's no surprise that we saw an increase in popularity for modern trends, both indoors and outdoors. According to our annual report, mixing-and-matching raw materials with bright colors seem to be the craze. We especially saw our customers achieving their desired result for their living space by shifting towards do-it-yourself projects that gave them more bang for their buckwithout the major overhaul. Read on to find out which products made the biggest impact in our fire glass, fireplace, gas logs, fittings and parts, and fit pit categories for this year.


1/4" Azuria Reflective Fire Glass by Starfire Glass

48 Inch Cono Moreno Copper Fire Pit with Quarter Inch Azuria Reflective Fire Glass1/4" Azuria Reflective Fire Glass as featured in our 1/4" Water on Ice Pre-Mixed Fire Glass on the 48" Cono Moreno Copper Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

When it comes to upgrading your indoor or outdoor living space, the 1/4" Azuria Reflective Fire Glass by Starfire Glass easily makes it on the list for our top sellers. From fire pits to fireplaces, and even fire bowls, this versatile accessory can be used in a variety of gas fire features. While small, the Azuria Reflective Fire Glass packs an impressive and powerful punch as it gives your fire feature that stunning modern appeal it needs. Its functional design puts the focus on the flames by masking unsightly burner pans from view and optimizing your flame's performance. Not only does it add texture and depth, the gorgeous azuria tone and reflective coating of the fire glass shines and glows spectacularly against the light of the fire. Even when the fire feature is not in use, the gleam and glimmer from the mirror-like coating of the fire glass reflects elegantly in natural lighting and is perfect even as a standalone display.

Why is this fire glass so popular?

  • Blue tones pair well with neutral colors and complement textures.
  • Can be mixed with other fire glass colors for a custom look.
  • Lasts longer than lava rock, making for a better long-term investment.

    18" Stainless Steel Fireplace H-Burner Kit by Starfire Designs

    Starfire Designs Stainless Steel Fireplace H-Burner KitStarfire Designs 18" Stainless Steel Fireplace H-Burner Kit

    With technology constantly evolving to be more innovative, there really is no surprise that our 18" Stainless Steel Fireplace H-Burner Kit make the cut for 2018. If you love the warmth that a "fireplace [has to] offer in the winter but despise cleaning or maintaining it" just as Cindy W. mentions she does in her product review, our Stainless Steel Fireplace H-Burner is the perfect product to help you upgrade your fireplace.

    Why is this H-Burner so popular?

  • Premium high quality 304 stainless steel for superior durability.
  • Offers exceptional heat, up to 75,000 BTUs for ultimate warmth.
  • Includes a whistle-free flex line to keep the gas flow silent.
  • Machine drilled burner ports increase flame performance and appearance.
  • Pair your h-burner with fire glass for a contemporary look.

  • Plus, we proudly offer a 10-year warranty to ensure you receive the most of your investment. So, there's no denying the trending appeal of a modern fireplace, especially when you can customize your fire feature to include whichever fire glass style, size, or color you want!


    Vented Split Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs by Real Fyre

    Real Fyre Vented Split Oak Designer Plus Gas LogsReal Fyre Vented Split Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs

    If you love the look of a traditional wood burning fireplace but desire modern technology for your indoor living space setup, you'll see why the Real Fyre Vented Split Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs makes it onto the list. Modeled after real wood, these refractory fiber-reinforced ceramic logs are inserted with steel rods for maximum strength and durability. Each one is cast from a real log, individually hand painted, and designed by artisans with superior quality in mind. True to its name, the high definition bark and the detailed grooves give them an authenticity for adding a realistic touch of nature to your indoor fireplace. Glowing embers are also included to recreate the look of real coals beneath the burner.

    And the best part? These wood logs will never burn. Cleaning up soot or ash is non-existent so that you can always enjoy your favorite leisure time without the mess. You will never need to replenish your wood fuel source, as these Vented Split Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs are long lasting and add for an efficient flame and radiant heat performance every time. Available in various sizes, these logs also feature an incredible lifetime warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction. Experience relaxation at its finest.

    Why are these gas logs so popular?

  • Lasts longer than real wood logs and does not require replenishment.
  • Enjoy the traditional fireplace look without the mess of ash and soot.
  • Can withstand high temperatures to keep you extra warm near the flames.

    Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge by Starfire Designs

    Starfire Designs Form Fitting Fire Pit LedgeBuilding a DIY fire pit with Starfire Designs Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge

    Are you a DIY fan? Our Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge is the reason why our customers enjoy getting hands-on and knee deep in their fire pit projects. Intended for creating a ledge inside a fire pit, this piece serves as a foundation for supporting your burner pan securely in place and eliminates the need to purchase large quantities of fire glass. It is constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel to ensure it will hold up even when exposed to the outdoor elements.

    The slotted design of each ledge enables the metal to contour to your fire pit's shape, whether concave or straight. As Tim R. mentions in his review, this Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge is "very easy to install [and] works great" if you're looking to connect your fire feature to a gas line or are considering an electronic ignition system upgrade. So, if you're wanting to remodel your residential or commercial space without spending the big bucks, building your own fire feature with the help of our ledge makes doing-it-yourself something you can be proud of.

    Why is this part so popular?

  • Allows for easy installation for DIY fire pit projects.
  • Saves money by reducing the amount of fire media required to fill your fire pit.
  • Supports your burner pan and fire glass with high durability 16 gauge steel.

    Baltic Rectangle Fire Table in Glacier Gray by Real Flame

    Real Flame Baltic Rectangle Fire Table in Glacier GrayReal Flame Baltic Rectangle Fire Table in Glacier Gray makes it on our top sellers list

    Numbers don't lie. It's easy to see why Real Flame's Baltic Rectangle Fire Table also makes it on our top sellers list for this year! With strength and durability in mind, this fire feature is constructed of a lightweight fiber-concrete technology and heavy gauge steel to ensure you a high-quality investment that can withstand the outdoor elements all year-round. Its minimalist aesthetic features a smooth surface, clean lines, and a low-profile design that is complemented by a neutral, tinted finish perfect for making the flames stand out.

    Why is this fire pit so popular?

  • Lightweight fiber-concrete and heavy gauge steel provides superior outdoor durability.
  • Offers up to 50,000 BTUs of comfortable heat output.
  • Includes a protective cover and lava rock, making it usable right away.
  • Features clean look that can be perfectly paired with specialized styles.

    With 2019 just rolling around the corner, we're excited to see what new trends make their way to the forefront of the upcoming year. But if you're still "nervous about spending so much without seeing the product first," just as Candace C. was before purchasing her Real Flame Baltic Fire Table, let our informative team members help you choose the right product for enhancing your living space. Feel free to reach out to 866-578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or live chat us on our website.

    Main Image: Baltic Rectangular Fire Pit in Glacier Gray with Azuria Reflective Fire Glass


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