Preparing Your Backyard for Spring

As the weather begins to warm up and the ground begins to thaw, it is time to start thinking about getting your backyard ready for the spring. Between hosting friends and neighbors for cookouts and having a place where your family can relax after a long day, you need an organized space that ends up becoming an extra room for your home. From entertaining your guests around a new fire pit to restarting your garden, preparing your backyard for spring takes some time and a little TLC. If you live in an area that feels the effects of winter more than others, there are steps you must take to shake off the cold and get ready for the warmer months. Once all of the snow has been cleared, however, there are simple ways to enhance your backyard and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

In order to prepare your backyard for the spring, it is important to focus on three main areas: home maintenance and repairs, lawn and garden preparation, and styling your backyard with the perfect furniture and accessories. Go in depth and consider these tips to ensure that your backyard is everything you want it to be, and more.


Check Areas to Assess Maintenance Needs

The end of winter also means that homeowners need to inspect their homes, including their backyards, for areas that need maintenance attention. This includes checking your gutters to make sure that they are not leaking or in danger of falling off of their mounts. If your drainage system is inadequate, it can lead to flooding and a host of other problems for your backyard. Especially when you finish decorating your backyard and have all of your furniture set up, the last things you want are moisture, water, and mud making the area undesirable if it rains.


This is also the perfect time to inspect your sprinkler system to make sure that everything is in proper working order. Homeowners that have a pool in the yard will want to make sure the water levels are where they should be, and that the filtration and heating systems are up and running before they are needed for the first time. When it comes to concrete areas in your backyard and your patio or deck, now is the time to check for damages.

You can use a screwdriver to check the trim around your deck, as well as the windows and doors leading into your home, to find any areas that are rotting or need to be repaired. For the concrete sections of your backyard, it is a good idea to check for and fill in cracks before power washing and sealing.

Once you have fixed minor problems or called in a professional to help with larger repair jobs, you will be ready to turn your attention to landscaping and design. The time between winter and spring is perfect for undertaking new projects so that you can make over your deck or patio and add in the features that you want.



Fix-Up Your Lawn and Garden

Springtime is all about emerging from a long winter and taking in the best of nature. In addition to being beautiful, your backyard gives you a space where you want to spend your time outdoors. According to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), nearly three in ten U.S. adults do not spend time outside on a daily basis. Take the time now to manicure your lawn, and take the first steps toward a full and vibrant garden. Understanding the type of grass you have will allow you to take the best course of action to encourage growth during the spring and set your lawn up for sustained beauty throughout the summer.


As the snow begins to melt, it is important to spread snow piles around so that there isn’t added pressure on certain areas of your lawn. Since the soil is still loose and soggy, remember to be gentle so that you do not cause damage to the new grass shoots that are taking root. Get ahead of the weeds before they have a chance to grow by applying herbicides or a seed blend that is made for your type of lawn. All of the preparation you put into your lawn now will pay off throughout the spring and into the summer months.

The same can be said for your garden – time and energy now will pay dividends. Start preparing your garden beds while the soil is moist but not muddy, and clear the area you want to use of any debris and weeds. While you are working on the rest of your lawn, consider stripping away sod or incorporating your garden plans into your overall renovations when you put down new sod in your yard. If the soil in your yard is not conducive for growing plants or vegetables, Martha Stewart suggests giving your garden a kick-start by using raised flowerbeds instead. These solutions can be better for drainage and are easy to maintain. Once your lawn and garden are ready to go, and the foundation of the rest of your yard is taken care of, you are ready to focus on decorating your backyard and getting the perfect furniture for spring.



Buying and Positioning New Backyard Furniture

A new table and chairs next to your built-in barbecue gives you the perfect outdoor dining experience, while installing a new glass fire pit gives you a one-of-a-kind focal point for the area. When it comes time to replace old backyard furniture and shop for new pieces to add to the space, it is important to know what you want to buy, how to arrange it in your yard, and how to choose a focal point.

  • What to Buy/Replace – When you are in the process of preparing your home and yard for the spring, it is also time to see what backyard furniture items need to be replaced. Inspect pergolas and gazebos to see if repairs need to be made, and check patio furniture, such as tables and chairs, for any damage and rust. Once you do this, you can make a list of all of the patio furniture and accessories that you want to add to your yard. Be sure to include the major things, such as dining sets and decorations, while also keeping in mind that other items like umbrellas and heaters play a large role in the comfort of your family and guests.
  • Arranging Your Furniture – Everything in your yard should be arranged with an end result in mind. How do you want people to flow through the space? Should you add lounge chairs next to your pool or, instead, position deep seating options around a fire pit for your guests to enjoy one another’s company late into the night? The way that you arrange the furniture in your backyard will communicate to your guests what each area is for – similar to inside your home. You don’t want the only seating options to be around a table next to your grill, and you want to make sure you have plenty of options for guests when you host a party.
  • Choosing a Focal Point – In order to get the most use out of your backyard, it is smart to have a focal point. Whether that is a gazebo, fire pit, or garden, it is important that you take care of it the same way you would anything else. Now that winter is coming to an end, ensure that replacement parts are ordered, repairs are made, and you can begin to use the space on the first possible day. Doing so will tie in your entire backyard, and make it a truly valuable entertainment and relaxation space for your family.

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