Perfect Summer Evening Entertaining Begins With Fire Glass!


Just imagine everything you love, all in one place. The laughter of your friends, floating on the summer air. A beautiful, balmy night, with stars twinkling overhead, a soft, scented breeze wafting through the flower garden, and the evening music of tree frogs and crickets filling the air. The fireflies hover in the distance, blinking intermittently, and the grass is cool beneath your bare feet, brushed with diamond droplets of dew that glint in the light cast from your fire pit’s dancing flames. Ahhhh. Does it get any better than this?

Prefabricated Fire Pits: All of the Beauty, None of the Work

Such a sublime vision is the epitome of everything summer entertaining should be, and it can be yours perhaps more easily than you might think! No longer is it necessary to hire a mason to come and painstakingly build your fire pit brick by brick. Instead, beautiful, functional and portable prefabricated fire pits are available for purchase, reasonably priced and can be used with wood, lava rock or best of all, fire glass!

Good-bye Lava Rock and Ceramic Logs: Hello Fire Glass

If you’re not familiar with a fire pit with fire glass, you might not believe your eyes the first time you see it, for it is so stunning in appearance when in use as to literally take your breath away. Fire glass is broken glass that was tempered (a process where glass is first heated to an extremely high temperature and then rapidly cooled in a controlled setting), and then broken. Tempered glass “crumbles” (think automobile safety glass) into small pieces, instead of shards. A fire pit with fire glass comes in different sizes and in an unlimited array of colors that can be used alone or mixed into custom color blends.

Many people with indoor gas fireplaces have used fireplace glass to replace their outdated ceramic logs, simply because fire glass is so beautiful. When the gas is lit, the flames appear to dance above the glass which reflects and refracts their light, creating instant ambiance. Just as some people find watching a tropical fish swim in a large, back-lit tank of water mesmerizing, others find watching the play of fire on glass equally riveting.

A Fire Pit with Fire Glass Provides Long-lasting and Customizable Beauty

One fun thing to do with fire pit glass is to custom build a fire pit for your deck or patio that lights a perimeter, or to use fire pit bowls spaced at even intervals along a wall. Many people enjoy gathering their friends and family for drinks and conversation around a table whose center is a glittering lit pit of glass and flame. While it might be possible to roast the occasional marshmallow over a fire pit with fire glass, in general they’re more for warmth and ambiance than for cooking. When the glass gets dirty it can be removed from the pit and placed into a basin and soaked in a combination of ammonia and water, or mild detergent and water, then rinsed, allowed to dry on a screen or towel, and replaced. Fire glass will last forever, and people generally only replace it when they desire a new combination of colors.


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