Patio Heater Safety Tips

Fall is upon us and soon the weather will be turning colder and colder, making it the perfect time to begin indulging in the elegance that is having an electric patio heater. No matter how cold it gets outside these upcoming winter months, an electric patio heater makes your patio as accessible and comfortable as any summer evening. While the patio heaters, both electric and propane, provide warmth and comfort, they also pose a danger if certain steps and precautions are not taken. Today we’re going to go over a few basic safety tips for your patio heaters.

The best way you can use a patio heater safely and securely is to use it properly, and to make sure you’re using the right heater for the right space. The first thing you need to know is the space that you’re looking to heat. This will give you a baseline on what size patio heater you’re going to want to use.

For bigger, more open areas, it would be best to use strategically placed propane patio heaters, since they can provide more heat and would be easy to keep un obstructed and far enough away from patio furniture to not pose any threat.

Smaller areas, such as an enclosed patio, don’t need such big patio heaters to get the job done. For these situations, you’ll want to use a smaller propane or electric heater. While smaller, they’ll still provide more than enough heat for a small space. When placed properly, they can be used to heat up a specific area, such as over or under a table.

Now that you know what kind of space you’re going to be using your patio heater with, you can look at what type would be best for your situation. If you plan on moving or repositioning the heater frequently, it may be best to look into a portable electric patio heater. Electric heaters tend to be lighter than propane or gas, making moving them easier than their gas powered counterparts.

For a more permanent solution, wall mounted heaters are probably going to be your best bet. Typically, wall mounted units are electric and hardwired in, making them pretty difficult to move. When using wall mounted electric heaters, it is important that nothing be left too close to the heater for prolonged periods of time. In fact, at least a three foot radios should be kept at all times while the heaters are in use, regardless of whether they’re portable or wall mounted.

No matter your situation, patio heaters make the cold winter nights more enjoyable, allowing you to entertain guests outside without compromising their comfort. Restaurants have used patio heaters for this very purpose for years now, allowing them additional seating throughout the cold months of the year. Now you can bring a little bit of that elegance home with you.


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