Patio Dining Must-Haves

Eating is one of the most exercised activities that occur throughout the day. But when was the last time you sat down at a dining table and truly enjoyed a meal without feeling rushed and pressed for time? While food and beverage are certainly essential to the dining experience, it’s not just about what is placed on the tableit’s about the company you’re surrounded by. With plenty of luxury patio furniture to choose from, we're certain these patio dining staples will take the cake and make much needed time spent with your family, friends, or significant other unquestionably delightful.


Patio Dining Tables

72"-96" Rectangular Family Expansion Teak Table with Helena Wicker Chairs in Black with White FER8_HEFWBLDining experiences aren’t dictated by the food, they are created when shared around the company of friends and family. Seat multiple guests around the 72”-96” Family Expansion Teak Table with Helena Wicker Chairs by Royal Teak Collection.

Memorable dining experiences happen best when shared among the company of loved ones. Whether you have a small household of just two or a large family of six or more, having the right dining table with ample space—not only for food, but for everyone to gather aroundreally does matter. The Royal Teak Collection offers a variety of solid teak and all-weather wicker furniture that combines coastal and modern styles together. From expandable tables that make it possible to seat multiple guests to folding tables that make ideal accompanists for smaller groups and compact environments, the Royal Teak Collection is an exceptional choice. But if you're looking for something with a little more modern flair, Urbia incorporates industrial elements with their concrete furniture for a chic aesthetic. Minimalist in design, these patio dining tables have the versatility of blending into any styled room. Add a pop of color to the neutral tones with vibrant plates and centerpieces or accent the table with some colorful dining chairs for extra pizzazz.

Commonly Asked Question: Why does my dining table have a hole in the middle of it? What is it for?

Answer: The hole located in the middle of the tablecalled an umbrella hole—is typically used for inserting an umbrella through so that you can enjoy some nice, cool shade while dining outdoors. In some cases, it can also be used to hold a lazy susan for added convenience.


Outdoor Stools and Dining Chairs

San Cristobal Swivel Counter Stool with Arms - Copper Canyon with Garden Trove Chestnut Cushions with Santorini Rectangle Counter Height Fire Pit- Copper Canyon 653-SCS-SP40-GL01C_5110-4272K-SP40The San Cristobal Swivel Counter Stool with Arms - Copper Canyon featured with Garden Trove Chestnut cushions by OW Lee make for the perfect seating arrangement when dining fireside next to the Santorini 42” x 72” Rectangle Counter Height Fire Pit.

Complete your outdoor kitchen island or dining table with some bar stools or dining chairs that provide ample comfort, support, and extra elbow space. Whether gathering the family around the BBQ island during a pool party or enjoying an intimate brunch for two during the morning, having the perfect seating arrangement can make all the difference. OW Lee offers an abundance of high-quality heirloom furniture that can be enjoyed for many years to come. From the ornate details of the frame to the curved backrest and arms that add comfort for all your relaxation needs, down to the variety of gorgeous fabric options—OW Lee won’t disappoint. No matter how you choose to personalize your outdoor space, anticipating your guests’ needseven if it means having enough chairs—means everyone can gather around the table while creating and sharing a dining experience together.

Commonly Asked Question: What is the difference between dining chairs, counter stools, and bar stools? How do I know which one to choose?

Answer: Generally speaking, their unique names derive from their seat height. In other words, it’s the measurement in inches from the floor to the seat. Dining chairs typically measure up to 23”, therefore, are ideal companions for dining tables. The seat height for counter stools fall somewhere in between 23” and 27” whereas bar stools, approximately, are somewhere in between 27” to 40”. Ideally, you’ll want to select the option where your knees don’t hit against the underside of the table.


Lazy Susans

Gala Double Leaf Expansion Table with Florida Chairs in Moss and Teak Lazy Susan GALA64_FLMS_LZYSEasily share spices and other dining necessities with one another by adding a Teak Lazy Susan by Royal Teak Collection to your dining table.

Like most things that get lost in translation and throughout time, the term "Lazy Susan" does so too. While it is unknown where the name originates, most can agree this accessory is quite convenient. Keep dining essentials, like condiments and silverware, within arm's reach while the tray swivels from side to side. Eliminate the need to reach over someone simply by rotating the tray to share your favorite appetizers, refreshments, or spices with one another. Lazy Susans vary in size and are sometimes purposefully made with umbrella holes, as seen with the Teak Lazy Susan by Royal Teak Collection, which makes it ideal for enjoying some cool shade. We even carry multi-purpose lazy susans that double as a burner cover for OW Lee fire pits.

Fun fact: “Lazy Susans” are grouped together alongside “dumbwaiters”, which are small freight elevators, typically seen being used to transfer meals from the kitchen to an upper level room. While the two seem relatively unrelated to one another, they were considered—at the time of their inventiontechnologically advanced replacements for human servers and waitresses.


Heating Elements

Bromic Portable Tungsten Radiant Propane HeaterEnjoy hor d'oeuvres next to the warmth of a Bromic Portable Tungsten Radiant Propane Heater by Bromic Heating during the cooler evenings.

To truly take it up a notch, adding a cozy heating element to the outdoor dining experience creates a welcoming ambiance perfect for those chillier nights. Banquet fireside next to flickering flames provided from a fire pit table, or simply indulge in your favorite dessert while basking in the warmth radiating from a patio heater. Regardless of which you prefer, we’re certain our variety of outdoor heating elements can transform any entertainment space with a patio dining set into a welcoming environment.


Shade Structures

Sonoma Wood Pergola in Redwood with Kenwood Linear Dining Height Gas Fire Pit Table SONOMA1216-R_KW-1242-KRelish a cozy ambiance around the Kewood Linear Dining Height Gas Fire Pit Table underneath a Sonoma Wood Pergola in Redwood by Outdoor GreatRoom Co.

We're all too familiar of those days when the warm sun beats down. Keep cool underneath the shade of an umbrella, awning, or pergola while dining outdoors. Umbrellas are great for smaller groups and can sometimes even be added to a dining table's umbrella hole (if it has one). Not only does this mean more space for socializing, having an umbrellaor twohelps protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays. But as it is said, "the more the merrier"so when it comes to hosting social gatherings of ten or more, an awning or a pergola is just what you need. These unique shade structures are ideal for accommodating larger groupsplus, there's no need to open or close any cranks or move your seating arrangement around whenever the sun is positioned at a different angle. Pergolas and awnings stay in place and can shelter everyone, all at once, during sunny afternoon luncheons.

While no two outdoor living spaces are exactly alike, we hope that some of these patio dining essentials help add to the dining experience shared between you and your guests. Whether that means having the perfect dining table set up filled with ample seating and a heated atmosphere during the nights or simply adding an umbrella wedged through a lazy susan for cooler shade during the afternoons, having these small additions can certainly help make a difference. But if you’re still unsure about which option is best suited for your outdoor space, feel free to send a message through our live chat, contact us here, or give us a call at (866) 578-8538.

Main Image: Gala Double Leaf Expansion Teak Table with Compass Teak Arm Chairs by Royal Teak Collection


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