Outdoor Games to Entertain Your Guests


When you invite guests over for backyard fun, it’s a good idea to have a variety of things to do. Fire pits are an excellent way to ensure your guests are comfortable, and they provide an excellent focal point for conversation, too. The next time you’re outdoors enjoying quality time with friends, try some DIY backyard games alongside your fire pit to add an element of fun.


Giant Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic game that both kids and adults alike can enjoy. It’s fun enough in a diminutive size, but have you ever made it large enough to play in the backyard? All you need are a few 2×4 boards to make the grid and some square blocks. Set out the grid, and then paint the Xs and Os onto the squares. For added stability and permanence, use railroad nails to secure the wooden grid into the ground.

Nerf Targets

Nerf wars are fun, they promote exercise, and they give kids a great excuse to run around, too. Take it to another level and create special targets to fire at and keep score. Just get a circular slab of wood and a similarly-sized circular piece of plastic. Secure the plastic to the wood with a strong craft glue. Then, paint or draw the target scoreboard. You can nail the target to a tree or any tall wooden object. Use a bean bag or rock to mark the shooting line.

Life-Sized Scrabble-Like Word Game

If you already have a regular Scrabble game, you can use it to influence a brand new design. To make a giant Scrabble board, purchase a large piece of plywood or OSB and have it cut into a square shape at your local home improvement store. Next, sand it down and paint the Scrabble board onto it. You will also need 102 wooden squares that are slightly smaller than the squares on the board you created. Paint the letters with the corresponding scores onto the tiles.

Use the standard board game instructions to dictate the points assigned to each letter. Play instructions are exactly as they would be in a regular game, just on a much larger scale. As you don’t have a slate to hold your letters on, keep them face down until they are played so they remain hidden.

Backyard Bowling

To make a backyard bowling arena, first follow the instructions for the sandbox rectangle under the next heading. Then, nail an equal-sized slab of plywood to the top. Make a smaller rectangle that is the width of a bowling ball on the inside and the length of about 5 balls. Nail this to the left side of the ball run you just made. This is where you will place the balls. The pins can be placed on the back end of the ball run.

Once you’re done bowling, fill hungry tummies by cooking on a new outdoor kitchen. Unlike a simple grill, outdoor kitchens provide access to a wide range of tools to help you exercise your gourmet chef capabilities.

DIY Sandbox

While the adults are cozying up to the gas fire pits to chat, the kids can be playing in a large DIY sandbox. To make this, all you need are four-by-eight boards, sand, a tarp, and nails. Get three of the boards and cut one in half. Then, nail them together in a rectangular shape. Dig a hole in the backyard large enough for the rectangle. Place the tarp flat across the bottom. Stick the rectangular box shape over the tarp. Fill the inside with play sand. You can use an additional tarp for a cover if desired.

No kids living at home? No problem. Switch things up a bit and clean up the edges, then make your own Zen garden with play sand instead. Next to a fire glass pit, this will look lovely and bring a bit of classy appeal to your backyard.

There’s nothing quite like spending quality time outdoors with family around a snapping, crackling fire. Whether you’re playing games or just enjoying conversation around the gas fire pit, Starfire Direct has what you need to make your backyard beautiful.


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