O.W. Lee Outside Fire Pits Offer Many Options


When selecting a fire pit, homeowners want choices in both styles and options. Top United States producers like O.W. Lee provide both, making the brand an ideal option when top quality and style are important. Discerning fire pit buyers who require special options to fit unique spaces or coordinate with home designs are easily accommodated by top manufacturers.

O.W. Lee outside fire pits, for example, are available in unique styles and materials to match existing home designs. They are readily available in standard sizes that are easily customized by applying different materials and finishes. The 54″ Santorini fire pit, for example, can be customized with several different tile tops to match different decors. Base finish options also enhance any home design style. Fire glass is available in a variety of colors to provide unique effects for those viewing the fire. Matching the motif of a specific home is easily accomplished.

Of course ease of installation is also important, and a quality outdoor fire pit requires minimal labor to install. The units are shipped directly to the client and are either fully assembled or require only an absolute minimum of work to install. The outside fire pits can be installed on virtually any level surface, including most decks and patio areas. O.W. Lee outside fire pits are designed for ease of installation and minimal maintenance.

Although natural gas can be used as a fuel source, most fire pit users opt to use propane gas. Using propane eliminates the need for a gas line and makes the unit more portable. The propane tank is hidden in the base of the fire pit during use. Most top brands keep the fuel tank off the ground, minimizing staining of deck and patio surfaces common with lower quality units. Propane is easily obtainable virtually everywhere, and changing tanks is a simple process.

A fire pit table allows family members and guests to gather around the fire pit and enjoy the flame while eating or simply enjoying the company. Chairs fit nicely around the unit, providing comfort and versatility. Other accessories are available for use around a propane fire pit. A wide variety of seating options, in various colors and styles, allow homeowners to expand their indoor living areas seamlessly into the exterior living spaces. Designers everywhere are now using exterior furnishings that coordinate wonderfully with interior designs.

The expansion of outdoor living includes food preparation, with both portable and built-in cooking options routinely available. Again, cooking options can be fueled by propane, natural gas or even charcoal. Outdoor kitchen options are expanding rapidly, with some using portable equipment and other options being permanently mounted. This is another rapidly evolving area of outdoor living, and modern homes will certainly see more incorporation of cooking and eating areas in coming years.

For outdoor areas, quality is critical. Selecting only better quality products will better guarantee homeowners years of trouble free enjoyment of their fire pit and other products. Better quality products are expected to look better and survive even the harshest of climates far longer than lesser quality items. Companies like Starfire Direct specialize in helping homeowners select the best outdoor fire pits and other outdoor living products to fit their design and budget needs.



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