O.W. Lee Fire Pits Provide an American Made Option


For many people, buying American made products is important. They want proven quality provided by workers living in the United States. O.W. Lee fire pits are produced in California by professionals trained to build quality products that will last a lifetime. Outdoor fire pit demand is increasing as people everywhere look for ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors, and U.S. companies are there to fill that need.

Propane and natural gas options are available.

For most applications, a propane fire pit is probably the best choice. Using propane as a fuel source means the Santorini fire pit selected will be usable with minimal set-up needed. Standard propane containers are used, and the tank is hidden in the fire pit housing. Connecting and disconnecting the tank is simple and fast, allowing homeowners to continue enjoying their fire pit even if the fuel source needs changing during the evening. Propane fuel is readily available, making the filling of empty tanks easy and fast. In many areas, residents simply switch an empty tank for one that is already filled, eliminating the wait for an attendant to fill the tank.

Natural gas may also be used as a fuel source for O.W. Lee fire pits. A conversion kit to switch from propane to natural gas is included with the fire pit. The advantage of using natural gas is the elimination of any need to switch or refill tanks, as natural gas supplies are constant. The primary disadvantage of selecting natural gas as the fuel source is the cost of installing permanent gas lines. When a nearby gas line can be tapped, the cost may not be excessive, but if no gas line is in the vicinity, installing a line can be expensive. The other notable disadvantage of using natural gas as a fuel source is that it no longer allows the fire pit to be portable. Propane fire pits can easily be moved from one area to another. Natural gas fire pits, on the other hand, are not easily movable.

Different size and style choices can be selected.

No two outdoor living areas are exactly the same. Fire pits reflect those differences and are available in several different shapes and sizes. Round, rectangular and square shapes are offered in different sizes. Because everyone uses their outdoor living area for different purposes, the fire pits are also offered in different heights. Dining height models encourage people to gather around the fire pit for friendly meals. Chat heights enhance a comfortable, casual atmosphere and encourage conversation between friends and family. Different materials for fire pit tops and sides allow individual style preferences to show.

Accessories enhance each fire pit’s unique character.

Dining height fire pits are even more comfortable when a fire pit table is added. Whether eating a casual, picnic style meal or enjoying a formal meal, fire pit tables provide the room needed to enjoy the company of family and guests during even the coolest of evenings. Fire glass is also available to provide another way for fire pits to be unique. Flames dance and reflect off different colors, shapes and sizes of glass that are specially processed for use in gas fire pits.

Every fire pit can reflect the style and design choices of the property owners. Working with fire pit professionals, homeowners can select the options to best reflect their individual tastes and extend their home’s design elements with an American made product.



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