O.W. Lee Fire Pits Both Practical and Unique


Custom homes today routinely include outdoor living spaces, often furnished with a variety of options for cooking, dining and simply enjoying the company of family and guests. Fire pits are viewed as a necessity by many homeowners. However, the outdoor living trend is not limited to high-end homes. Quality fire pits, for example, are a top choice of many homeowners.

While many suppliers provide fire pits, brands like an O.W. Lee Santorini fire pit, is often selected because of the quality and unique design options offered. Round, rectangular and square options are top choices for clients seeking to add beauty and function to their outdoor living environments. Top quality materials, coupled with truly unique designs, mean consumers will have a functional outdoor fire pit that will last for many years.

A quality O.W. Lee santorini fire pit is available to give the design selected unique qualities. Options like ceramic tops, fire glass and fire guards personalize the units. Fire glass enhances the heating capability of the fire pit and creates unique colors and effects that cannot be achieved by a gas flame alone. Fire guards provide an extra layer of safety when children will be around the fire pit. Options improve both safety and versatility of the selected fire pit.

While most of buyers will choose propane as the fuel of choice, natural gas can also be selected. A propane fire pit has advantages. First, installation is simple. Unpacking and minor assembly may be needed, but no extensive upgrades are necessary to use a propane fire pit. Using propane as a fuel source also allows the unit to be moved easily. If the fire pit is located on a deck, that can make repairs or maintenance much simpler.

Fire pits are only part of the outdoor living equation. Furniture designs run the gamut from traditional to contemporary and include chairs, chaise loungers, and other seating options. A fire pit table can also be included to enhance the versatility of an O.W. Lee Santorini fire pit, allowing comfortable chatting or dining close to the fire itself. On cold nights, that option might be attractive.

A variety of cooking options extend the usefulness of the outdoor living space even further. Electric, gas and charcoal grills are all options for preparing meals while enjoying the outdoor area. The vast number of options allow homeowners choices to accommodate both tastes and budgets.

Bright sun, or even rain, can be thwarted by using an umbrella to protect family or guests using the outdoor spaces. Pergolas and gazebos offer additional options to combat unfavorable weather conditions. While wood construction is common, fiberglass is now a common alternative, as it lasts for years without the maintenance required by wood. Coordinating the entire package may take time, but a comfortable end result makes the effort worthwhile.

Working with suppliers like Starfire Direct allows homeowners to select from a variety of high quality options to guarantee an end result that will be both practical and unique. Investing in the best quality products provides enjoyment for years to come.


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