Most Popular Fire Pits and Why You Want One


All across America, homeowners are discovering how easy it is to extend their indoor living space to encompass the great outdoors with the simple addition of a propane fire pit set. Whether you use a portable fire pit and move it around from gazebo to deck to swimming pool, or whether you permanently install a fire pit table on your patio where you entertain your guests all year long, you’ll appreciate how a Starfire Direct outdoor fire pit draws your family and friends out beneath the stars for drinks, conversation and fellowship. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, sizes and appearances, utilize different fuels, and can be portable or stationary. Some of the more common types of fire pits are listed below.

Custom Fire Pit

If yours is a particularly unique backyard or patio, and/or if you have a clear picture of the precise design you’d like, it can be built to your specifications. Custom shapes and designs are available, and interior propane piping can be fitted to any design. Whether you want a unique design for the centerpiece of your outdoor garden room, or just want a fire pit set designed to match your patio bricks, if you can conceive it, it can be built.

Wood Burning Fire Pit

This is the fire pit set for the traditionalist! Some people just love the sight, sound and scent of a genuine wood fire. Yes, wood fires require wood to be cut, split and seasoned (or delivered), and they generate a certain amount of ash and debris that must be periodically removed. However, all of this is part and parcel of their joy for at least one subset of fire lovers. Plus, with a wood fire you’ll never worry about running low on gas or propane, or about broken fuel lines and the like.

Gas Fire Pit Set

Fire pits can be engineered to burn either natural gas or propane, and in some cases, to use a hidden liquid propane tank that saves all of the expense of installing a gas line! Portable pits as well as permanent installations are available, and can burn lava rocks, ceramic logs, or any of the sizes and colors available of the ever more popular and stunningly beautiful fire glass.

Fire Pit Table

Without a doubt, one of Starfire Direct’s gorgeous fire pit tables makes a statement. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes, they effortlessly create an atmosphere that draws people together, time after time. When yours is the house on the block that has a fire pit table out in the garden, it is also the place where everyone wants to gather!

Starfire Direct’s fire pits come in a variety of materials — copper, steel, stone, aluminum — and are sturdy and made to last. Regardless of the size, type or style of fire pit set you choose, you’re certain to enjoy using and sharing such an exciting extension to your interior living space!


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