Make the Most of Your Space: Space-Saving Furniture Options

When it comes to outfitting your home, it's important to consider the space that you're working with. The smaller your available area, the more vital this is. Items must serve dual purposes or take up as little space as possible. This is especially true for apartments, smaller rooms, and the increasingly popular tiny home movement.

Space is often at a premium. But the confines of your space don't confine you to lackluster decor options. With smart and savvy furniture choices, you can preserve your style while also providing the function that you desperately need. There are many options available that allow you to trade out traditional furniture for more intentional design.

Extending Tables

Extending Table for Space Saving Furniture OptionsCurrant Extendable Dining Table by Greenington

A family of four doesn't need a table for eight at all times. Tables with extensions can easily be condensed when you're not busy entertaining friends and family. Extendable tables sometimes come with a removable leaf or leaves, while others feature built-in leaves that stow conveniently within the table. This added convenience means one less thing taking up coveted space that could best be used for something else. Adding the leaves is quick and easy, allowing your table to tailor to your needs.

Dropleaf Tables

Drop Leaf Table for Space Saving Furniture Options5' Round Teak Drop Leaf Table by Royal Teak Collection

Dropleaf tables are aptly named because they feature ends that conveniently drop down to save space. These tables offer an extra level of convenience in their versatility. When stowed down, these tables can serve as a buffet or console table. Extend one side to provide eating space for only a few, or set up your table against a wall to create a larger serving space during gatherings. When needed, the table can be fully extended to accommodate more guests. These tables are also referred to as gateleg tables, due to their open-and-close legs that fold in to save additional space.

Nesting Tables

Nesting Table for Space Saving Furniture OptionsExplorer Nesting Tables by Zuo

The stow-away nature of nesting tables makes them the ideal option to save space in living rooms. These tables offer a small footprint on their own but can be pulled out to accommodate additional table space for beverages or snacks during gatherings. Splay them out for a tiered coffee table arrangement or stylishly nest them as side tables that can be adjusted when the occasion calls for it.

Garden Seats

Garden Seat Stool for Space Saving Furniture OptionsCave Table Stool by Zuo

Garden seats are the perfect example of multi-function. These indoor and outdoor pieces are named for their purpose as a seating solution, but they also work well as a small ottoman, allowing you to prop your feet up without taking up a lot of space. Flat-topped options can also be used as a table, making them ideal for a refreshing drink, a book, or to host the remotes. These small stools are easily tucked away under a table, making them an optimal solution.

Bar Stools

Bar Stool for Space Saving Furniture OptionsCorona Counter Height Stools and Aurora Counter Height Table by Greenington

When you're tight on space, bar stools can be your best friend. The low-back or backless design of many bar stools allow you to easily nest them under your table or counter to prevent them from inhabiting any luxury floor space. Available in bar height and counter height, these stools can also be used at an eat-in island when there just isn’t enough space for a full table.

Folding Chairs

Folding Chair for Space Saving Furniture OptionsSailmate Folding Teak Arm Chair and Sailmate Folding Teak Side Chair by Royal Teak Collection

When seats aren't being used, they're best served conveniently tucked away. If you find yourself benefiting from the function of folding chairs, you're not relegated to the design of dime-a-dozen clunky metal chairs anymore. Wood and polymer chairs offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing option. Folding chairs can benefit your need to save space indoors and outdoors in style-friendly options. While folding chairs function well for additional guest seating, the ability to fold them flat is ideal when you want to access the space your chairs would otherwise occupy.

Wall Shelves

Wall Shelf for Space Saving Furniture OptionsBlack Numbers Wall Shelf by Zuo

Avoid floorspace conundrums by simply looking up. When you're running tight on square footage but need additional storage, a wall shelf works well to provide you with the storage you need without hindering your pathways. These mounted shelves provide you with space to store your most needed items or your most prized decor.

Ultimately, your options are only limited by your imagination. Whether your space is in short supply outside on a patio, or inside your space-conscious home, we have the furniture you need to optimize the design of your home. If you need a little extra help finding furniture for your tiny house or compact apartment, our friendly staff is happy to help you find a solution to meet your needs. Just give us a call at (866) 578-8538 today or reach out via live chat on the site or contact us here.

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Main Image: Currant Extendable Dining Table by Greenington


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