Keep Your Outdoor Living Area Warm This Winter


You may feel as if your outdoor living area is only useful part of the year. Sure, we all enjoy cookouts and lounging under the stars on a warm summer evening, but what happens when temperatures drop? Do you run inside and hibernate? No! Get ready to spend chilly winter evenings enjoying a lovely grilled steak, glass of wine, and the beauty of a glass fire pit on the patio without freezing!


Using your patio in the winter may sound ridiculous, but simple vinyl patio enclosures can be used to block cold wind while still letting you enjoy the view from the patio. These handy enclosures are inexpensive and also invaluable if you want to spend time outside without being cold. You don’t have to enclose every side of your patio, but having a vinyl shield between you and a chilly wind will be very nice.

Rearrange Seating

If you have a variety of seats in your outdoor living area, consider rearranging the furnishing around a central area. The closer everyone is, the warmer they will be.  This may not be a concern if you have a small outdoor living space, but large decks or patios may lead you all to want to huddle.

Fire Pit

A patio fire pit or fireplace with seating around it is ideal for keeping warm on a cold winter night. There are many options for design, style, and placement of these handy hand warmers.  An elegant chiminea or a fire bowl on a decorative base are just a few stylish warming options for the patio or deck area.

You can even purchase blowers that will direct the heat throughout your outdoor living area. This will help people spread out a bit and be able to enjoy the space without huddling around the fire with their backsides getting cold.

Heated Lighting


Heat lamps are another way to heat your outdoor living space. These nifty lamps not only give you a nicely lighted area but put off heat, as well. With a few of these around, you won’t need to worry about getting cold. With a simple off and on switch, all you have to do is flip the lights on, and you’ll immediately feel the warmth. If you have separate heat lamps, you can turn on or off various ones as you spend time in your outdoor living area to keep the heat balanced.


The idea of being able to use your outdoor living space year round does not mean giving up the outdoor aspect. There are heated tiles, solar powered swimming pool heaters, fire pits, and many other options to keep your space warm and usable even on the coldest of nights.

Sure, summer nights are great, but a snowy winter evening can provide comfort and pleasure too. So, don’t pack away the patio furniture or cover up the grill just yet. Check out all the great outdoor living area products at Starfire Direct and start enjoying your outdoor space winter, spring, summer, or fall!


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