How to Make the Most of a Small Backyard


Huge backyards can be nice, but they can also have their downsides. They require a lot of maintenance, and all the planning, landscaping, and decorating can be expensive. Sometimes smaller really is better. Especially for urban residents, a small backyard might be all you have to work with. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize your space so that you get the most usage out of it while making it look great.


  • Play with proportion. Instead of having large plants, use miniature trees and shrubs to add color and texture. If you like entertaining but don’t have the space for a 10-person dining table, consider expandable furniture.
  • Create levels. Break up the space with raised decks, walls, and plantings. This will add different spatial effects, and the feeling of depth will make the space seem larger. Tiered planters could also help achieve this effect.
  • Diagonal lines. These make a space seem larger than it actually is. Lay stone pavers or decking planks diagonally, if you can, and it will create the illusion that your space is bigger.
  • Break it up. Create different “rooms.” Arrange furniture strategically to create different zones – lounging, dining, cooking. An area for entertaining, centered around a fire pit, would create a welcoming atmosphere where your guests will want to stay and relax.
  • Remove clutter. Pare it down to only the necessities – whether it’s planters, furniture, or other outdoor decorations.
  • Create a focal point. You want to take the focus away from the smallness of the space. Having a focal point will add character to your yard and grab the attention of the viewer. A striking copper fire bowl or glass fire pit could be just the element of surprise you’re looking for.


Whatever you have planned for your small space, with the right elements and a critical eye you can create a beautiful retreat that suits whatever you need. For more inspiration on how to transform your yard, read on for additional information about our products and services.


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