Home Color Trends for Fall 2016


Fall is a wonderful time to think about giving the colors of your home a new look. With the cooler weather quickly approaching, aligning some new colors to the cozy comforts of hibernation season is easy, with the right palette.


Depending on the furniture and décor in your indoor and outdoor lifestyle space, you will want to find a complementary color combination that works. For example, if your furniture is composed of bold colors, you will want to find neutral paints to maintain a sense of harmony. On the other hand, walls with strong hues pair better with décor that features more neutral tones.

Each year, Pantone reveals their top colors based on insights surrounding fashion runways, art, technology, automotive manufacturing, and more. These colors often wind up influencing home design as well. Fortunately, there’s a color for every aesthetic this season. All you have to do is find a shade that fits your personal tastes, and, with autumn in mind, center the project around the fire pit.


Here are some of Pantone’s top color picks for this year’s fall season:


  • Riverside Blue & Airy Blue – In color psychology, blue is best known for its relaxing effects. Riverside is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to combine feelings of stability and sophistication. It’s just edgy enough to promote a subtle vibrancy, but still constant enough to maintain its cool and calming features, too. Meanwhile, Airy does away with the strong edges and focuses on what can only be described as a feeling of weightlessness. If being comfortable and care-free is your goal, this particular shade will do just the trick.
  • Sharkskin – What’s so great about this edgy gray neutral? Perhaps most importantly, it pairs well with almost every autumn color, whether bright, muted, or something in between. Sharkskin is a dependable and contemporary shade that allows for freedom of creativity in other decorative areas. It also provides a practical starting point when working with a wide color palette.
  • Aurora Red – Nothing says romance like this beautiful shade of red. Bold, strong, and sensual, Aurora is the perfect choice for home designs that appeal to feelings of excitement and confidence. It also creates a sense of warmth, which, on a cold snowy day, is a fantastic color to come home to.
  • Warm Taupe – Brown shades are among some of the most popular colors during the fall season year after year; however, darker “chocolate” colors have been replaced with lighter shades of brown in recent years. Warm Taupe provides the perfect match for traditionalists who want to stay grounded, as it represents feelings of stability, trust, and reassurance. This timeless neutral also pairs well with many other complementary fall colors.
  • Dusty Cedar & Potter’s Clay – Can’t decide between red or brown? Give one of these colors a try instead. Dusty Cedar falls somewhere in the middle with a dusty pink shade that is both warming and welcoming. However, if pink just isn’t your thing, Potter’s Clay produces an earthy orange glow without sacrificing sophistication. Both of these colors also offer strength and substance that can make a big impact on any home.

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