Gas Fire Pits and Propane Burners

Fire pits are amazing, but when it comes to being indoors, they’re not really that practical. At least, not the traditional wood burning ones. Propane burners and propane fire pits, on the other hand, are both convenient and safe for use indoors, even being found in apartments in condominiums. A decade ago these gas fire pits and fireplaces were really only associated with luxury and the upper class. Today, however, times are different and the beauty and convenience of a propane burning gas fire pit can be felt by many, many more people than ever before, for easier than ever before.

Traditionally, a fireplace is only found in homes that have the room for it, along with the adequate ventilation. The feel of a fire, however, is something that we all like and most of us desire. There’s just something about coming home after a long day and relaxing by a fire, be it fueled by burning wood or by natural propane gas. Most of us, though, aren’t fortunate enough to find ourselves with the setup necessary for a fireplace, be it because the house or apartment wasn’t designed with one or because there is no adequate place for installing one. This is where the beauty of a propane gas fireplace really shines through.

Traditional wood burning fire pits and fireplaces require a bit of setup once you decide to start a fire, typically taking about 15 minutes to get to a good, roaring fire. The gas fire pits with their propane burners, on the other hand, jump to life at a moment’s notice, requiring no setup time and leaving behind nothing needing to be cleaned. The designs and styles available also range widely, allowing for a creative and customizable approach to any purchase.

Available for both indoors and out, gas fire pits are truly convenient and practical. However practical they may be I don’t think they’ll ever replace their traditional, wood burning counterparts. That feeling that comes from building a fire yourself touches something deep inside all of us, reaching down to our very core and caressing some primitive part of us that depended on the fire to keep us safe at night and to ward off the cold darkness. The joy that comes from traditional wood burning fire pits and fireplaces will never fade, but the convenience of propane burners and gas fireplaces have made the joys and comfort of having our own fire a reality for so many of us.

Regardless of what kind of fuel source you prefer to use, be it wood or gas, we’ve got you covered on all your fireplaces, fire pits, and all the accessories you can possibly think to accent and make it truly yours. From fire glass to give a colorful accent to decorative and customized fire pits, if we don’t have it, chances are, you don’t want it.


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