Fire Place Accessories That Will Transform Your Home

Having a fireplace or fire glass in your home is one thing, but accessorizing it is another. For you to get the best out of your fireplace you need to equip it with several important accessories that will make it much safer and more efficient. This post highlights some of the most important accessories that you might find handy for your fireplace.

These accessories are a must have as they help increase the safety of your fireplace. As a matter of fact, it is of paramount importance to purchase these accessories before lighting your fireplace. The accessories are:

Fire Extinguisher

I don’t mean to play devil’s advocate, but let’s face it, when you have a fire going in your home lots of things could go wrong. A little ember can fly onto a piece of cloth and before you know it you have a fire in your hands. It is due to these situations that you need to have a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are helpful in controlling spontaneous fires and are a mandatory accessory in the home.

You should make sure that the fire extinguisher in your home is in good condition and that it is changed before its expiration date.

Smoke Detector

Like the fire extinguisher a smoke detector is a must have. If the smoke detector goes off while you are using your fireplace, it may mean that there is improper air circulation in the home. This could indicate that something is wrong with your fire. As a response to this situation you should immediately extinguish the fire, move out of the house and alert the city fire department.

For maximum safety you should periodically check your smoke detector to make sure that it is fully functional.

Fireplace Screens and Doors

Having screens and doors for your fireplace is particularly important as it helps guard against fire embers that might jump out into the carpet or other combustible material in the home. These two acts as a protective guard and also double up as an aesthetic enhancement for the fire place and the home.

You should pick a screen or door that blends in with the aesthetics of your home, and is also functionally suitable for its role.

A Broom or Vacuum Cleaner

These are used to sweep accumulated ashes and debris out of the fireplace. Uncontrolled build up of ash and debris can cause spontaneous and unintended fires in your home. For these reason you should cultivate a habit of sweeping your fireplace every time you use it.

These are some of the fire place accessories that are important in enhancing the safety of your fire place and by extension your home.


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