Fire Pits Can Be Stylish


There are few things more thrilling to children than the sight of a fire. Whether it’s in a fireplace indoors or a bonfire outside, there’s something about the dancing light and the thrill of mild danger that draws them in. As people grow older, though, most of them come to feel that actually having fire pits is too troublesome and unattractive to be worthwhile. There are plenty of products available through Starfire Direct, though, that show that you can enjoy the ambiance of the best fire pits that are beautiful and don’t require a lot of fuss.

Minimal Upkeep

Actually building a fire with wood takes enough effort that it’s a wonder that our ancestors found time to do anything else. It’s critical to maintain a steady supply of wood for when such a fireplace is going to be used, and to have good skills when it comes to getting tinder started and then coaxing the tiny flame into growing and grabbing onto increasingly larger pieces of fuel.

The experience of having a propane fire pit is entirely different from this. The technology is very similar to a propane grill, in the sense that it releases small amounts of flammable gas over time from a tank. The gas burns as it comes out, creating a lovely little fire that you can start up or put out in a matter of moments and without difficulty. Keeping the fuel supply going, meanwhile, is as simple as trading in your own propane tank for a fresh one periodically at a local store.

Maximum Style

As more people have wanted to take full advantage of the outdoor living spaces around their home, products have become widely available that are both beautiful and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of ordinary weather conditions. You could get something like a portable fire pit, that you only put out when you actually want to use it. These are the best fire pits for moving from one part of a yard to another, depending on where you want to hold a family gathering.

If you want something with a more permanent placement, on the other hand, you could go with a fire pit table. These are beautiful dining tables that have the fire unit built directly into them. It’s basically just a matter of hooking up the propane tank inside the table, and then you can sit around the fire with your family while you do almost anything from playing games to having dinner together.

Extra Touches

If you want to make the best fire pits into something even more special, you can add fire glass to the mix. Starfire Direct offers a very high quality product that looks like it’s just broken glass, but is really carefully tempered to ensure that it will be safe for this purpose. When it’s scattered around the area where your outdoor fire pit burns, it catches the light, and also some of the heat, and helps it to scatter through the area more effectively. This both improves the appearance of your setup and makes it a better source of heat on chilly nights.


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