Fire Pit Glass Rocks

One of our favorite products here at Starfire Direct has to be the fire pit glass rocks – they’re the perfect way to optimize your gas burners heating efficiency while simultaneously looking simply amazing, creating an inviting and somewhat mesmerizing atmosphere. No custom gas fire pit is complete without the high-end finish that colored fire glass provides, and the benefits don’t stop at the aesthetics.

In the case of outdoor fire pits or fireplaces, a tube that emits propane gas is placed atop a sand-filled bottom and is then covered with the desired color, style and cut of fire pit glass. When lit, the finished product looks as if the glass itself is on fire. Since it is glass and not some synthetic material, there are no harmful odors or chemicals released into the air and, best of all, the colors never fade.

Another great benefit of fire pit glass is its ability to radiate heat quite effectively. The fire is warm as it is, but most of the heat travels strait up only radiating outward a small amount. The fire pit glass, on the other hand, becomes a small army of embers pumping heat in all directions. Cold winter nights will never be the same again.

As if all the benefits fire pit glass rocks bring wasn’t enough, they’re a fairly affordable addition to any fir pit or fireplace. Whether you’re looking to help keep your heating bills down this winter or trying to add a new accent or style, we’ve got the color, cut, and style you’re looking for.

With so many colors, styles and options, thought, the hardest part might actually be making up your mind.


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