Fire Glass Brings Magic to Your Own Backyard


Fire has occupied a special place in our collective consciousness for quite literally centuries. The symbol of flame stands for life, passion, and change, yet fire can also bring serenity and beauty to our lives. A fire pit lined with Starfire Direct’s broken Starfire Glass, creates a mesmerizing display of relaxation for your outdoor space for you and your loved ones to enjoy year round.

What Is Fire Glass?

Fireplace glass, or fire glass, is broken glass that is re-purposed from tempered glass that goes through a process that first heats the glass to 1148 degrees Fahrenheit, before cooling it rapidly in a technique known as “quenching.” After tempering, the glass withstands a greater amount of pressure before breaking, and when it does break, shatters into small “pebbles” or fire glass, that are less likely to cause injury than large shards of non-tempered glass. After fire glass is broken, any sharp edges are removed, resulting in a  brilliantly colored and highly reflective surface. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small, 1/4″ inch pieces to 1/2″ and even larger, chunkier pieces. The smallest fire glass tends to have a more dramatic effect and appears richer in color.

A Burgeoning Selection

Fireplace glass comes in a virtually unlimited array of jewel-like colors. It is used today primarily as an alternative to the outdated gas logs and lava rocks of previous generations, traditionally used in natural gas and propane fireplaces. Instead of those dark foundations, today people marvel at the startling beauty of flames breaking through a swathe of sparkling, shattered glass, reminiscent of a bed of gemstones. Fire glass stores heat even as it reflects the fire in thousands of tiny surfaces. High-end public places such as hotel lobbies and five star restaurants make frequent use of fire pit glass and, increasingly, homeowners have fallen for the color and brilliance fire glass adds to their home patio areas.

Fireplace Glass and Your Fire Pit

A fire pit full of flame and glittering glass, set beneath the stars, turn a backyard into a private retreat for your family and friends. Indeed, in milder climates, fire pits can often enjoyed year round! Because fire glass fire pits come both as permanent installations and portable units, it’s now easier than ever to have a fire pit that meets all of your particular needs. Install a permanent fire pit or table as a centerpiece to your patio, or purchase a portable pit that you can put away when the season makes it impractical. Best of all, either configuration supports fireplace glass, allowing you to make your fire pit truly your own.


Starfire Direct

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