Factors to Consider When Researching Fire Pits


Fire pits continue to be a popular item among homeowners, oftentimes seen as a way to enrich a backyard or patio area. Many factors need to be be considered when purchasing a fire pit or outdoor fire pit table, however. Make sure you’ve done proper research on a fire pit before you buy, to ensure that your fire pit has all the features you want, and complies with safety regulations in your area. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the outdoor fire pit which is right for your needs.


Where will the fire pit be located? You need a flat area, one that is far enough away from structures and combustible materials. In addition, you’ll want to have an area large enough to accommodate seating around the fire pit. Try to calculate how many people you think will be using the pit at one time and plan for this many seats along with a few extra. Do you want an outdoor fire pit table or other accessories? Accessories usually add to the space needed for the fire pit, and you also need to consider the fire pit’s proximity to a water source of other fire safety resource. You’ll want a hose or fire extinguisher handy for any emergency situations that might arise, so make sure the closest one isn’t on the other side of the house.



Fire pits come in many different materials.  Your goal when selecting your fire pit is to    find one that blends in with the surrounding  landscape. Budget may play a role in the  material you choose for your fire pit, but  consider a number of options, and choose  the one you feel works best with your space. All of our fire pits are durable and made to last, so if you see an outdoor fire pit table you like, you won’t have to worry about its lifespan based on the material. Make a purely aesthetic material choice, and let us worry about providing you with the quality fire pit.



Energy Source

Fire pits come in many varieties. Will you be hooking the fire pit to an existing natural gas or propane line connected to your home? If you don’t already have a line of this type, are you willing to add one, at your expense? If not, you’ll need to consider a wood or coal fire pit rather than one powered by natural gas or propane, or a pit with an internal fuel tank. In addition, when choosing an energy source, you need to decide if you will be using the fire pit for cooking. For those that plan on using their outdoor fire pit table to cook, keep in mind that the type of fuel used influences the flavor of the food.

These are just a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind as you go to make your fire pit selection. The goal is to find a fire pit you love and want to use on a regular basis. Anything less and you are wasting your money. We hope we have been helpful today, and we look forward to helping you with your fire pit sometime in the future!


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