Embrace Adaptability: The Incredible Flexible Sectional

When it comes to outdoor seating versatility, the sofa sectional is king. With combinations as endless as your imagination, the different pieces allow you to personalize the look and feel of your outdoor space. With the growing popularity of the sectional sofa in living rooms across the country, it is only natural that the furniture favorite has made its transition to outdoor living spaces. Where there were only one or two options for shape and style in the past, now there are more and more varieties on the market. If you find yourself stuck in a design rut with your traditional sofa, maybe it's time to give the versatile adaptability of the sectional a closer look.

Add some relaxing earthy tones to your outdoor space with the Pinery Sectional by Zuo

Possibilities are Endless

Regardless of the style of your outdoor living space, you will certainly be able to find a sectional to fit your needs. The charming wicker of the Sanibel Deep Seating Sectional by Royal Teak Collection will blend seamlessly into your rustic outdoor space or provide a wonderful contrast to a more contemporary look. The modern elegance of the Golden Beach Sectional by Zuo suggests a more coastal or minimalist motif. With the Miami Teak Sectional by Royal Teak Collection, be absolutely transported to a bright and airy deck in sunny Florida, or, with its sun-proof fabric covering an aluminum frame, choose the comfort and style of the Fiji Sectional by Zuo. Throw in some modern chic with the clean, modular lines of the Malibu Sectional by Zuo, and you have yourself a picture perfect outdoor oasis.

Choose comfort and style with the Fiji Sectional by Zuo

Let Your Ideas Take Shape

With all parts sold independently, extending your seating area is as easy as adding another piece. Having a business get together? Separate your pieces out to create individual seating options to give everyone their own space. Throwing a party with friends? Make things a little cozier by adding your pieces back together. With the purchase of matching ottomans, you can easily transition your adaptable sectional into a relaxing daybed or nest. Add some complementing throw pillows, and you have an opulent daybed fit for royalty.

Surrender to relaxation in your Sand Beach Sectional Daybed by Zuo

 With each additional piece, your seating availability grows. For those who love to entertain, a sectional sofa is the key to ample seating. At Starfire Direct, we offer an extensive collection of sectionals to fit everyone’s needs. If you are having trouble visualizing the right pieces for your collection, we offer pre-designed sets to take the guesswork out of building your sectional. The Glass Beach Sectional, Loveseat, and Arm Chair Set by Zuo offers a full sectional with everything you need to create a stunning outdoor seating arrangement. Let us do the work for you with our curated Sand Beach Sectional Daybed Set by Zuo that comes with all the pieces to turn your sectional into a relaxing daybed.  Find the newest edition to your gorgeous backyard setup today. If you need advice on how to set up your new sectional, consult our Tetris experts at (866) 578-8538, by email us by filling out this simple form, or chat us at StarfireDirect.com.

Main Image: Malibu Sectional by Zuo


Katrina McBreen