Copper Fire Pits – Modern and Rustic at the Same Time

 Copper fire pits are one of the best additions you could make to your outdoor space. They’re striking conversation pieces. Their modern silhouettes give them a sleek, contemporary feel, whereas their handcrafted, unique surfaces lend the appeal of a rustic, one-of-a-kind heirloom. They immediately imbue whatever space they’re in with a warm, inviting appeal.

We offer several types of copper fire pits, so you’ll find something that fits perfectly in your home or business.

Copa Moreno Copper

These are great, handcrafted pieces of metalwork that are extremely versatile and which would be a beautiful addition to any resort, restaurant, or other outdoor space, including your backyard. Their bold but versatile coloring will allow them to integrate into any environment, whether modern or contemporary, Mediterranean, traditional, or whatever look you’re going for.

Copper Canyon

These square fire pits are truly works of art that combine beauty and functionality. Each one is handmade from the highest quality copper and are available only at Starfire Direct. Sleek and sophisticated, guests will automatically gravitate toward these dramatic pieces that will anchor any outdoor space.

40″ Copper Canyon Fire Pit by Starfire Designs

Taza Moreno

These one-of-a-kind fire bowls will take your outdoor space to new heights. They’ve got the same handcrafted pedigree as our Copper Canyon and Copa Moreno Copper products, but with the unique attribute of having a waterfall feature incorporated into the design – perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your yard or commercial space.

31″ Taza Moreno Copper Fire and Water Bowl by Starfire Designs

Copper fire bowls and fire pits are great ways to add a bold yet elegant feature to your outdoor space. All of our copper fire bowls and fire pits are finished in oil-rubbed bronze and sealed so that they’re properly protected from the weather, and they all look excellent filled with fire glass, available in any color to suit your décor. Explore our site for more information about our copper and other products.


Starfire Direct

The talented and knowledgeable staff of Starfire Direct pride themselves on being experts in the field of fire features, outdoor living, and beyond. Always at the forefront of upcoming trends and industry breakthroughs, the team at SD is ready and willing to help you make your dream space a reality, once piece at a time. Our business is helping you to Reignite Your Life.