Bring a New Level of Warmth to an Outdoor Living Space


Humanity once thrived in the great outdoors. Why would anyone want to be cooped up inside a cramped, clammy abode? Who had time to waste inside, anyway? Too much work was waiting outside. Times were destined to change, though. Humans were created to be thinkers, and intelligence combined with creativity gave rise to continually progressing technology.

Out of the Darkness

Advances in tools and equipment slowly made work easier and faster. The invention of electricity brought about heating and air conditioning, television, and eventually, an average of 5 electronic devices per household connected to the internet. The amount of time spent indoors increased. Then, the inevitable happened; with so many conveniences at everyone’s disposal, the world began to grow bored with it all.

Into the Light

In the wake of this technology-induced tedium, the masses are migrating back out into the open; as a result, outdoor entertainment areas are seeing a vast transformation. For many, these spaces are becoming a living area in their own right. Sunshine, fresh air and the beauty of nature create the perfect backdrop for barbecue grills, indulgent outdoor kitchens and plush patio furniture. All these elements are tied together flawlessly by an outdoor fire pit.

Witnessing the Evolution

A few short years before the television became a household item, a company known as O.W. Lee began designing and building exquisite handcrafted furniture. Their unique creations found their way into homes across the country. Their talented craftsmen witnessed these changes as they unfolded, and when the recent outdoor movement began, their equally impressive selection of patio furniture fell perfectly into place. Their extensive line of O.W. Lee fire pits did, as well.

The Beauty of It All

A propane fire pit brings all the nostalgia of a fireplace to an outdoor living space. A propane tank hidden behind a designer exterior provides fuel to a stainless steel burner, producing glowing flames without the smoke and ashes of a bonfire. A vast selection of styles, sizes and shapes are available, but the custom options available for O.W. Lee fire pits generate an endless array of possibilities. Each piece is made to order based fully on the customer’s specifications.

A Top Choice

One of the most popular O.W. Lee fire pits is the Santorini fire pit. Available base finishes include alpine silver, copper canyon, dark bronze, graphite, oxford white, rose wood, sable and textured black. Offering functionality beyond any standard fire ring, this model is a fire pit table. Standard tabletop tile finish options are sand, mocha and calico with upgraded versions in azul slate, emperdora, grigio and rustic slate. The premium line offers gloss or metallic black and metallic brown.

Spread the Warmth

The Santorini stands on its own as a wonderful focal point for gatherings or quiet retreats, but it also makes a stunning centerpiece for a set of outdoor furniture. Framework finish can be chosen to match the table base, and fabrics can be added to make the set as beautiful as it is comfortable. The Santorini can easily be moved anywhere a fire is desired. Since the propane tank is supported by an interior frame, the unit will not leave any rust rings to indicate where it has been.

American made O.W. Lee fire pits bring elegance to those sharing in the newly rediscovered love of the outdoors. Create a truly unique piece crafted by a company that combines the latest technology with techniques passed down through generations. This modern spin on the classic campfire brings a new level of warmth to time spent outside


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