Brand Spotlight: Music City Fire

From a physics experiment gone viral to a completely sound-reactive fire pit with integrated Bluetooth and an app for your smartphone, Music City Fire has turned a passion into a groundbreaking line of sound reactive fire systems - and introduced them to the world.

The Experiment that started it all

Using sound waves to control flames is a relatively new concept that puts Music City Fire in previously unexplored territory.

In April of 2014, the Pyroboard hit YouTube with over 9 million views, featuring a grid of 2,500 flames controlled by sound fed from the laptop of Sune Nielsen, a member of a group of Danish scientists called Fysikshow.

The  Pyroboard is unlike anything the world of fire systems has ever seen before. When gas burners are introduced to sound waves, this high-tech table turns a flaming board into a musical fire. When music is played, a distinct pattern of flames is produced, rising and falling in sync to the pitches of the music. Who knew physics could be so cool, right?

Bringing it to the masses

Rustic romance meets contemporary charm with the 12th South Trunk Music Responsive Fire Pit by Music City Fire

After this flaming sensation blew up the internet, Music City Fire knew this was something they had to bring to the market. At first, Fysikshow advised Music City Fire against introducing this product to the public; the "lack of knowledge of the end-users" was a major worry to them. Undeterred, the young founders were dedicated to creating a sensational and functional product with safety as the number one priority.

After two years of testing prototypes, acquiring patents, consulting experts, and engineering the smallest details, Music City Fire finally released their products to the public. Judging by the reactions on social media, they were a sensation. With safety at the forefront of their minds, the fledgling company made a point to feature all CSA Safety Certified products. They even partnered with Harmon/Kardon to include high-end, weather-resistant sound integration into their products to maximize the amazing amalgamation of fire and sound. How has Music City Fire succeeded where many before them have failed? Their commitment to strong engineering and the safety of their customers has led to an incredible high-quality product that music-lovers can't wait to get their hands on.

Born out of Nashville, Tennessee, Music City Fire bears the epithet of its birthplace, known lovingly as the "Music City."  Nashville is home to some of the most legendary music venues in the U.S., including the Grand Ole Opry House and the historic Ryman Auditorium. It is also the location of many iconic music museums, such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum-- making Music City Fire the perfect place to deliver such an innovative line of fire and sound features. Merging ingenious technologies and pure passion and determination, Music City Fire has mastered the art of a previously doubted concept.

What separates Music City Fire

Speakers Harmon Karmon MCF BlogFor all of their music responsive fire pits, Music City Fire has partnered with Harmon/Kardon to bring you the best in sound.

The major component that sets Music City Fire apart from others in the fire pit industry is the cutting-edge technology. Included with each system is a custom-made touch panel display for a satisfying LED backlit user interface. Along with multiple touch buttons to control various features, this panel is made from water proof and UV treated materials, intended to withstand the outdoor elements.

Easily connect your device to the touch panel through the Aux In, Aux Out, or USB ports, or enjoy portable access through WiFi or Bluetooth. In addition to the ease of connectivity, all entertainment systems come with speakers engineered uniquely for Music City Fire Company by Harman/Kardon-- to establish the best quality sound available. Each speaker is weather-resistant, well suited to defy the elements. Each Music City Fire feature includes these high-quality speakers, capable of delivering satisfying and exhilarating sound for an unforgettable experience.

To ensure the highest level of ambiance for your backyard, every Music City Fire pit features an LED lightning strip which plugs directly into the features' control panel. These LED lights can be controlled easily through the app or the control panel, including their different modes and colors.

The bells and whistles of these fire pits are designed to accompany the function of the fire itself. Using the touchscreen or the app, you can set the fire pit to four different settings: sound reactive fire, sound and fire, fire only, or sound only. These practical and customizable settings make the product an entertaining must-have.

Modern technology meets rustic style

Trackside Music City Fire BlogHarness the raw power and nostalgia of the old railroads with the Rail Yard Trackside Music Responsive Fire Pit by Music City Fire.

For a rustic aesthetic, the Rail Yard Trackside Music Responsive Fire Pit brings the best elements of this design style straight to your outdoor entertaining space. This fire feature is made from authentic decommissioned steel rails and rail spikes, granite stone ballast, and durable tempered glass. The use of these unique materials gives this piece character and an incredible backstory. Each Trackside Fire Pit is guaranteed to be a nuanced, one-of-a-kind piece. This fire feature is perfect for a night under the stars enjoying your favorite tunes, while soothing flames dance against the backdrop of your surroundings.

Customize to your favorite Hue

Echo Front Music City Fire BlogMatch the color of your fire pit to your existing decor with the Echo Hue Music Responsive Fire Pit by Music City Fire.

One of Music City Fire's newest technology-driven fire pits is the Echo Hue Music Responsive Fire Pit. The Echo Hue is available in 24" and 36" models, and features five beautiful colors-- made from marine grade aluminum in a two-tone, powder-coated finish. This fire pit is UV protected and finished with a powder coated top. For an exclusive touch, choose to upgrade your feature with the optional carbon fiber top with coordinating fiber weave.

"When designing these systems, we wanted to use materials that people are used to-- but with a twist. Adding hand-picked colors to accent the outdoor living space was paramount. From there, to add even more depth to the design, we did another industry first and paired the colors systems with matching carbon fiber tops," Music City Fire founder, Steve Paladino adds, "The optional upgrade really takes the unit to new heights and adds something not regularly seen in a home environment."

Changing the industry as we know it

The Rail Yard Sleeper Music Responsive Fire Pit by Music City Fire utilizes authentic decommissioned steel rails and spikes to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Music City Fire has changed the game for the world of fire pits and outdoor entertainment. Beginning from a humble physics experiment-- and evolving to a groundbreaking line of sound-reactive fire pits with options for connectivity and customization-- there is only more innovation to come. Music City Fire has merged technology with classic outdoor luxury, and consumers have never been so enthusiastic.

Here at Starfire Direct, we are truly excited to carry Music City Fire's innovative line of products and work alongside them in bringing quality products to the market. If you'd like to introduce one of these eye-catching  fire pits to your home, or have any questions, call us at (866) 578-8538, email us by filling out this simple form, or utilize the live chat feature on our site, we'd love to talk Music City Fire with you!

Main Image: 12th South Trunk Music Responsive Fire Pit by Music City Fire


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