Benefits of a Pergola for Your Yard!


Whether you are looking to reinvigorate your existing deck or are building one for the first time, you may be deciding if you should install a pergola. As you work to maximize the value of your deck or patio, a pergola can be an excellent choice. In the same way glass fire pits can do wonders for your yard, a pergola gives you even more reasons to spend your time outside.

While it is an investment to add one to your yard, the benefits you receive from your new pergola will easily repay you in no time. Here are three main ways pergolas make a difference for homeowners.

The Lodge II Pergola

Make a Statement

Pergolas, sometimes referred to as arbors, make a visual statement in your yard. Not only are they functional and practical, they are also beautiful. Redwood, Douglas Wood, and Ponderosa Pine are popular choices for the material of the pergola and can be paired with any outdoor space or deck to ensure you get the perfect look. You can transform your current yard and add a focal point that makes a statement. The result is a stunning patio or dining area that draws attention and which is the envy of your friends and neighbors.

A beautiful pergola also helps accomplish another goal – privacy. If you choose to build a pergola on a raised deck, adding a trellis can deter prying eyes. This way, you and your guests can enjoy your time together grilling, chatting, and telling stories around the fire. This benefit alone is extremely valuable.

Sonoma 16′ Perogola – Redwood

Bask in Comfort

Having a one-of-a-kind backyard can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have everything you need to spend the entire day outside. On the other, hot summer days and nights can be uncomfortable and drive you back indoors. However, a pergola can help solve this problem. Due to its height, there is plenty of room to place a table and chairs, and couches or chaise lounges underneath.

The overhead wood beams provide just enough shade to keep you cool when the sun is shining. By planting ivy to crawl up and over your pergola, you can add another stunning visual element and get even more shade. This means that you and your family will be able to enjoy your outdoor space in all types of weather.

Entertain Family and Friends

Once you add a pergola to your yard, you will have a unique area that is perfect for entertaining guests. Making this the central feature in your yard opens up endless entertainment possibilities. Host a dinner party outdoors under the pergola or stretch out with a cold drink while the kids play in the pool. Curl up with your favorite book while getting fresh air, or escape the heat while doing chores.

Adding a pergola will help you make a difference in your yard and create a place that is perfect for entertainment. Learn more about how pergolas, glass fire pits, furniture, and other accessories transform your yard into the ultimate oasis by contacting a Starfire Direct representative today at (866) 578-8538.


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