Backyard Fire Pits or Fireplaces?

We all loves fire, as long as it’s controlled and used to keep us warm and comfortable, which is why more and more of us are living in homes with fireplaces or spending our time outdoors with backyard fire pits. There are many benefits to both, but which one should you get for yourself?

Well, if you find yourself in the opportunity to choose either an indoor fireplace or a backyard fire pit, than you’ll have to choose which one is the best for you. Today we’re going to go over a few of the benefits and drawbacks of both to help you decide which would be best for you and your situation.

Indoor fireplaces offer great warmth and a wonderful ambiance for entertaining friends and family. They offer a comfortable and wonderfully convenient way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a fire in the comfort of one’s own home. There are even a few different fuel types to chose from for you convenience. There’s the traditional wood burning type, which requires a bit of clean up every now and again removing the ashes that build up, as well as a constant supply of wood to burn. Because of its need for fuel, one must always have wood to burn in order to enjoy the dancing flames.

In addition to traditional wood burning fireplaces, there’s the more modern gas or propane fueled option. This particular type of fireplace offers a wonderfully convenient method of enjoying dancing firelight and the warmth is provides. With the flip of a switch we can see a fire burst into life and provide us with the light and warmth we’ve all come to covet. There’s another great advantage to gas fueled fireplaces, and that’s the option of accessories and some slight customization through the use of fire glass. Fire glass are wonderful little orbs of heat-treated glass that comes in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and cuts. It’s this range that allows for many different expressions of individualism and personalization.

Backyard fire pits offer the warmth and safety that indoor fireplaces, yet with the added convenience of being able to enjoy the night sky and the good old outdoors at the same time. They are also often times portable, allowing them to be moved around the yard, as well as being transported over to family and friends, parks and lakes.

Like indoor fireplaces, you also have a choice in fuel types. You can go with the traditional wood burning option, or you can opt for the more modern and convenient gas or propane fueled. The traditional type also include the necessity for cleaning out the ashes and ensuring there is an ample amount of wood to burn, while the gas option simple needs a full tank hooked up to have the fire burst into life. As with indoor fireplaces, backyard fire pits that use gas also have the option of accessorizing with fireglass. The only drawback to backyard fire pits is that you have to be outside to enjoy them, which can be difficult on rainy or blistering cold nights.

We live in a world where we can have nearly anything we want, all we have to do is chose which one is best for us. Why not take a look through our catalog and see what we have in store to meet your needs and desires.


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