Back to School and Home Office Inspiration

Summer break is ending and it's back to school season. Looking to amp up your home office space? From desks to bookshelves, from ample lighting to music, we've got you covered. Start the next semester right with the supplies you need to help you pass in flying colors.  

Office Desk

Every office needs a writing desk, as they're ideal for doing homework or working on your laptop. This is the place where you keep important documents and paperwork so selecting the right combination of practicality and style can help maximize your workflow.

Currant Writing Desk by Greenington
Currant Writing Desk by Greenington

Greenington's Currant Writing Desk is the perfect piece for completing your office space. The sleek design is constructed of sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo that ensures you a high-quality piece that is built to last. The minimalist aesthetic features rounded edges with ample tabletop space ideal for laying out your paperwork and textbooks. Stock up on pencils, pens, and highlighters using the three soft-closing drawers which offers optimal room for keeping your workspace clean and organized. 

Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table by GreeningtonRhody Lift Top Coffee Table by Greenington

Don't have an office? No worries. The Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table by Greenington makes a fantastic addition to compact spaces, especially if you're living in an apartment or sharing a college dorm room. Constructed of earth-friendly bamboo, this back-to-school essential features a multi-functional lift tabletop that transforms from a simple coffee table to a completely functional laptop table. Stay organized with the hidden interior storage that provides extra room for storing your tablet or textbooks. For a more productive study space with comfortable seating, check out some of the Indoor Pillows and Cushions or Indoor Stools and Ottomans to go with this practical Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table. This makes group projects and study sessions fun and comfy at the same time. 
Study Tip: Keep studying or homework time something to look forward to by surprising little ones (or even yourself) with nutritional power snacks. Eating a well-balanced snack that doesn't make you fatigued helps promote productivity and concentration. 

Task Lighting 

Pencils, check. Paper, check. Binder, check. But I bet you forgot about the lighting. Yes, the type of lighting you're using can contribute significantly to academic and work performance. Cool lighting is highly recommended over yellow lighting since it doesn't trigger the brain into releasing melatonin and going into relaxation mode like yellow lighting does. Task lighting optimizes an individual's focus simply by maximizing luminescence and reducing contrast that can strain one's eyes. 

Brixton Table Lamp by ZuoBrixton Table Lamp by Zuo

Table lighting, such as Zuo's Brixton Table Lampis perfect for directing light where it's needed. The Brixton features a sleek, black t-frame with a double-sided light bulb fixture that makes it ideal for two people sharing a desk. Adjust the tilt to your preference via the single pivot point. The dual lit body and adjustable arm makes this industrial styled piece a must-have for reading, writing, or browsing through the web. 

Run Table Lamp by ZuoRun Table Lamp by Zuo

Take studying to the next level with the Run Table Lamp providing ample lighting to your workspace. The transitional design features a solid square marble base, chrome metal shade, and hook-shaped arm. Perfect for adding functionality and style all at once, simply angle the neck up or down or left to right however close you need while studying or working. To keep you focused throughout your next study or work session, consider your environment and stray away from dim lighting that can affect your academic or work performance. Check out some of our other great tabletop lamps to help keep you on track.

Study TipAlthough changing the lighting can help improve academic and work performance, it's important to remember to take breaks. Whether that means standing up to stretch or taking a miniature stroll, stepping away from the desk gives your eyes (and your brain) a moment to recoup and recover. 

Office Accessories 

Studio Line Leaning Shelf by GreeningtonLeft: Currant Chair by Greenington // Center: Studio Line Desk by Greenington // Right: Studio Line Leaning Shelf by Greenington

Organize your textbooks with Greenington's Studio Line Leaning Shelf. Made from solid moso bamboo and black powder coated steel supports, this industrial inspired bookshelf features clean lines and a sleek frame for keeping your home office in style. This easy-to-assemble piece is ideal for compact spaces and includes a five-tiered ladder shelving unit perfect for storing books. 

Gold Bird Bookends by Zuo
Gold Bird Bookends by Zuo

Staying on task doesn't mean you always need to be serious. Cultivate creativity at home and beat the studying rut with these Gold Bird Bookends by Zuo while adding elegance to your desk or bookshelf. This set includes two weighted bird cutouts in a gold finish. Support all your reading materials in a fun, quirky way while allowing yourself to remain creative. 
Fun FactCreativity and vibrant colors improve learning and work environments. According to a 2012 Creativity and Education: Why it Matters survey, Edelman Berland found that “most educated professionals associate creative thinking with thinking outside the box, or the ability to come up with innovative ideas” (7). While staying on task is important, who said you can’t be hardworking and fun? Critical thinking means applying creative thinking. Learning to be creative at a young age helps develop analytical and problem-solving skills that are crucial in the workplace. 

Engineer Low Back Office Chair and Engineer High Back Office Chair by ZuoLeft: Engineer Low Back Office Chair by Zuo // Right: Engineer High Back Office Chair by Zuo

Zuo's Engineer High Back Office Chair makes a wonderful addition to any home office space. The leatherette wrapped chair features a comfortable seat, padded back cushions, and chromed steel arms for optimal support to keep your posture in line when indulging in a book or browsing the web. Adjust the height to your desired preference with the chrome steel rolling base allowing you to swivel (this is especially great for office meetings).  

Study Tip: It's important to consider your body's posture especially when it comes to working or studying. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or hunched over a desk, you might want to check your seating arrangement. Physical strains in the neck or back can be detrimental to work and academic performance. However, with ergonomic furniture, simple workstation solutions that improve posture can help with maintaining your physical and mental health.  

Jams for Studying 

Classical Music for StudyingListening to classical music while studying can improve academic and work performance.

Study Tip: Spice up your work or school routine with something a little different. Getting a breath of fresh air or having a change in scenery like taking studying outdoors while doing homework can make all the difference.

Gear up for midterms and exams while listening to classical music to innovate your creativity and concentration all while keeping the stress levels at bay. Studies show that classical music helps relax emotions while stimulating the brain when it is receiving information. Next time, try tuning your radio station or Pandora to the classical music station before driving to work or school. If you're in southern California, the University of Southern California's KUSC broadcasts classical music— from Antonio Vilvaldi and Ludwig van Beethoven to James Dillon and Steve Reich— on various frequencies to keep you going.  

Getting back into gear with school or work doesn't have to be difficult. If you're looking into vamping up your office or living space, reassess your workstation. Are you looking for style or comfort? Maybe you need a mix of both for increasing performance and productivity. Simple changes like upgrading your office desk or chair can help with organization and posture. Or perhaps spending a five minute break to be creative or indulging in a power snack can help ease physical or mental strains even after changing the light bulb. Spice up your work or school routine by taking studying outdoors for a nice change of environment. Don't forget to check out our Back to School collection for more ideas and inspiration. But if you're still having trouble deciding on how to upgrade your home office, feel free to contact us via phone at (866) 578-8538, live chat us on our site, or fill out this simple form for more information.

Main Image: Magnolia Shelf by Greenington


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