Agio’s Outdoor Fire Pit Designs Create Enchanting Outdoor Environments for Family and Friends!


There’s nothing quite like the addition of a fire glass compatible quality fire pit to add character and charm to the atmosphere of the area you’ve set aside outdoors for entertaining and family gatherings. There’s simply something about the intimacy of a family gathered around an outdoor fire that relaxes the spirit, calms the mind and enhances relationships. There are different kinds of outdoor fire pit designs—you can get a permanent installation made from stone, steel or copper, or you can also get a portable fire pit that can be moved from one location to another as desired.

Different outdoor fire pit designs burn different fuels, and which one you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference. Wood burning fire pits are very traditional and are a good choice for people with ready access to firewood. Logs must be purchased, or else cut, split and seasoned before being dry enough to use, and wood burning fire pits generate ashes that must be regularly cleaned out, as well as sparks and smoke. A propane fire pit has no dirt, dust or ash, but requires a source of propane as fuel. The propane burners are hidden by lava rocks, ceramic logs or, increasingly, fire glass, which is tempered glass pebbles that come in a brilliant array of colors, absorb heat and refract the light of the flickering flames. There seems to be no end to the types of exquisite fire glass available on the market and many homeowners particularly enjoy the degree to which the use of fire glass permits them to individualize their outdoor fire pit designs.

For families that enjoy entertaining outdoors, a fire pit extends their ability to take advantage of the fresh air year round, participating in outdoor activities long after everyone else has been forced to take refuge inside. One of the most highly regarded of all available fire pits currently on the market is the Agio fire pit. It comes in portable as well as stationary models, in a wide range of outdoor fire pit designs and prices that will allow every person to create a private retreat for their friends and family in their own back yard. Fire is one of those primal, essential elements, like air, earth and water, that have always drawn and sustained mankind. Fire warms our bodies … and our hearts, and having your own personalized fire pit provides the backdrop against which some of the very best of all memories are made.


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